Role-based access control in Verba

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Verba RolesThis blog post was fairly easy to write.

The Verba solution has a very flexible access control solution. Initially we decided to provide an overview, but then we realized, the best way is to just show you one single screenshot: our role configuration page. Users, Groups, Roles and our Sharing system let’s you solve complex access control scenarios.

Roles, Groups and Sharing

You can create multiple Roles, all based on various real life functions in your organization. Each User (typically synced from Active Directory) in Verba, can have one or more Roles. Beside this Users can create Groups (also synced from AD if needed).

Using Roles and Groups, you can pinpoint exactly what functions are available to a user, and also which subset of the conversations can be seen by a user.

If the Group level access control is not enough, individual conversations or sets of conversations can also be shared to the User, so they can see those in their Verba account.

The Roles page

Back to Roles, here is the screenshot, that says it all:

Verba Role Based Access Control

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