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Announcing Verba 8.8

By August 11, 2016 August 3rd, 2017 No Comments

Verba 8 Gearing UpThis version includes almost 100 improvements and fixes (98 actually) since our 8.7 release in June. Our team has been very busy this summer, delivering a couple of major and long-requested features.

We are adding new recording modalities, improvements for legal compliance teams and a subsystem to ensure and constantly validate the stored media in your repository.

Support for Skype for Business Content Sharing

This is a biggie. We are first in the world to crack the nut here. Starting from version 8.8, the Verba solution can record your screen sharing sessions/meetings in Skype for Business. The Screen and Application Sharing is recorded as video and it is fully synchronized with the corresponding audio during the call.

Besides screen information, you can use Verba to gather Whiteboard, Poll and Q&A, Shared File data from Lync/SfB archives, providing you with a repository of all information related to a meeting.

Advanced Compliance Workflows

This summer we have significantly expanded our Collaboration Compliance story with Case Management, Self-service Authorization Requests, and Approval Workflows. You can use these capabilities to better organize and streamline the work of your compliance and IT teams.

With Case Management your IT guys will not need to spend hours in windowless rooms and gather information requested by the legal team. At the same time, the legal team will not have to wait days for results. You can create a case, invite all stakeholders, define your “concerns” and start searching. Using this collaborative web-based method, you can quickly and easily put together large sets of data.

Authorization Requests and Approval Workflows provide traceability. When used, access control changes in the system can be initiated by users. Managers have the ability to approve/reject access control requests. Multiple authorization steps are possible  and approval requests can be directed to various users based on a user/group hierarchy.

Voice Quality Check and Media Validation

We have added new policies to our automated data retention system:

  • Voice Quality Check – Checks the quality of voice recordings and detects noise, garbled voice and other artifacts. It sends alerts when needed.
  • File Verification – Checks the media inventory and detects missing files. It sends alerts when needed.
  • Increase Retention Period – Increases the retention period configured on a storage target. The new retention setting is updated on the supported storage platforms as well: NetApp SnapLock, EMC Isilon SmartLock, EMC Centera, and Hitachi Content Platform.

These data retention improvements provide an additional peace of mind to both IT and compliance teams.

For a list of improvements and fixes, please review the 8.8 release notes.