Announcing Verba 8.7

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Verba 8 Gearing Up

This version includes more than 70 improvements and fixes since our 8.6 release in February. We have introduced a new Avaya recording serviceenhanced archiving capabilities and a new bulk user/extension tool.

The latest features enhances the high availability and robustness of the Verba Collaboration Recording solution.

Key new features in 8.7

Verba 8.7 provides several new technologies and features.

Increased Recording Capabilities

  • Updated Avaya Recording solution – based on our Unified Call Recording service providing enhanced recording capabilities such as the ability to record encrypted media streams, secure connection with the Avaya AES servers, enhanced meta information in various complex call scenarios, load balancing and failover, storing DNIS, and more.

Enhanced Archiving Capabilities

Verba 8.7 provides new storage integrations:

  • EMC Centera storage target  – provides a fast, secure, online access to digital content such as scanned documents and check images, electronic statements and other computer generated reports, email message archives, medical images, Microsoft Office documents, and many other data types that require long-term storage with immediate access.
  • Hitachi Storage target – is a distributed storage system designed to support large, growing repositories of fixed content data. HCP has implemented WORM (Write Once Read Many) capabilities. WORM describes a data storage device in which information, once written, cannot be modified.  This protection insures that the data will not be tampered with once it is written to the device.

Both of the above solutions are now available as a storage option for Verba recordings.

Bulk User and Extension Update Tool

The Bulk User Update Tool  lets administrators change the attributes of a group of users without having to change each user one by one.There are extensive filtering options available to determine the exact set of users or groups that need to be updated.  Any attribute of any user or group can be updated using this new tool. Verba also stores the criteria for later use, so each update can be easily run again in the future without having to go through the configuration process again.

For an extensive list of improvements and fixes, please review the 8.7 release notes.