Regulate – Proactive Communication Compliance

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This piece of the Verint Verba 9 release blog series spans our unique proactive communication governance module. Designed to help your business effectively enforce communication and content policies for ethical, compliance, legal or privacy reasons, Verint Verba Regulate marks a paradigm shift in the regulatory compliance scene.

This proactive compliance module offers streamlined, reliable and secure features that allow businesses to start acting instead of just reacting by applying collaboration policies in real time.

Tightening regulatory requirements

Firms in regulated industries are pressed by tightening requirements to control and restrict interactions while tracking conversation data from across a variety of communication modalities to prevent insider trading, market abuse, data breaches and unethical activities.

Applying such policies is also necessary from a compliance and legal perspective, preventing conflicts of interest that might result in the inappropriate release of sensitive corporate information that you might not want to share with external federated parties.

Take full control over your UC

Verint Verba Regulate addresses this challenge with a proactive approach. Featuring the unique capabilities of our integrated Ethical Wall solution, this module changes the game for businesses seeking effortless real-time communication and content governance.

Set global or granular policies to mitigate risks, prevent data leaks, and limit liabilities. Verint Verba Regulate not only empowers your business to take full control over your enterprise unified communications, presence information and content but notifies participants about potential violations. Our powerful protective technology integrates with leading UC platforms, such as Cisco UC and Skype for Business, to provide you with fine-grained control mechanisms.

  • Avoid conflicts of interest – Verint Verba Regulate offers smart Session Blocking functionalities to help you separate entities and limit multiple modes of interaction between individuals or groups across the organization, and control which participants are accessible to certain external parties.
  • Ensure legal compliance – Your business can achieve full regulatory compliance by appending legal disclaimers and notifications across instant messages to notify users about company policies, legal restrictions, and liability limitations.
  • Prevent data leaks – Protect your sensitive information and avoid the accidental or malicious leakage of your essential business data by automatically blocking, redacting or reporting such data from any text-based conversation across your corporate communication channels.
  • Protect ethical integrity – Strengthen integrity across your organization by monitoring and filtering the language used in instant messaging and notifying participants of company policy rules. Verint Verba Regulate helps you ensure consistent policy knowledge of your users by sending compliance notes internally.
  • Safeguard privacy – Featuring Presence Control and Contact List Filtering, this option enables you to block the visibility of your users to safeguard privacy and prevent groups or individuals from inside and outside your organization from contacting your key personnel.

Take the guesswork out of your compliance efforts

Verint Verba Regulate can be deployed for just one department or across an entire organization, from single to multi-site operations, ensuring full scalability of the platform. From a security perspective, the communication policy audit log makes it easy to monitor and trace back all events in the system once a user enforces a specific rule. This module can be used separately or combined with other components of Verint Verba, providing you with a complete collaboration compliance tailored to your business requirements.

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