The missing Lync of Conference Recording

By March 7, 2014 August 3rd, 2017 Lync

Microsoft Lync 2013

One of the world’s largest asset management companies is using a Lync recording solution from Verba to record conference calls. When the company moved to Microsoft Lync, it sought  a centralized conference recording solution that would fit into its business processes… enter Verba.

Conference calls form a vital part of a company’s business processes, from kick-off calls to market updates. Conference calls are recorded and recordings need to be distributed to participants.

The requirements

Conference call recording requirements can become surprisingly complex in a large organization. There are certain goals:

  1. Recording a call should require minimum effort
  2. Recording must be reliable
  3. Recordings should be distributed to participants in a secure way
  4. All this should come with with minimum administration


The Verba team addressed these requirements one-by-one. Let’s see how:

  1. Start conference recording from within the Lync Client, where your conference information is already setup based on the automatically processed calendar invite
  2. Redundant servers can be added to serve recording requests
  3. Links to the recordings are sent to the meeting participants, ready for playback through a secure web interface where users are authenticated with their Active Directory credentials
  4. It all requires very little administration, since user rights are synchronized from Active Directory


This all links together perfectly to produce an easy and straightforward conference recording process:

  1. Invite the recorder to the conference, when you set it up in your calendar
  2. Start recording at the beginning of the conference
  3. Done (the rest is handled by the system)

Let’s see how this works.

Start Recording from your Lync Client

After simple administrative changes to your Lync deployment, a new Meeting Recorder menu item will appear in the Lync Client.

Lync Conference Recorder Menu

When you select that menu, a new panel appears in your group conversation window. It will already know the details your meeting if you have sent a meeting invite to the Verba recorder (e.g. This can easily be done in Outlook, Google Apps, etc. With this simple invite you are sending a essential information to the recorder: Subject, Meeting ID, Host, Participant List. 

Lync Conference Recorder

You can start conference call recording at any time by pressing the Start Recording button. If policies allow you, during the conference you have the option to stop and restart the recording as you wish.

Personalized Recording Announcements

The solution provides recording announcements, that serve both informational and legal compliance purposes. A “This meeting is being recorded” message will be heard by all new participants of the conference, while the rest of the conference participants are not disturbed, they will not hear the recording prompt again and again. Besides the voice prompts, a recording message can also be presented at the beginning of the group chat.

Post conference emails

After the conference the Verba solution can send an email to the meeting organizer and/or all the participants. The email itself is completely customization using templates, that can contain information like:

  • Meeting ID
  • Subject of the invitation email
  • Name and email address of the participants being notified
  • Name and email address of the meeting organizer
  • Direct link to the recording

Secure access to recordings with single sign-on

The direct link in the notification email points the user to the recording, but only after proper authentication. Only the organizer and the participants will get access to the recordings. Authentication can happen using the standard Verba single sign-on solution based on a user’s Active Directory identity. If you are logged in to your PC and you were a participant on a call, you can have access to the recording.

For further information about the Verba Recording System for Lync, contact one of our experts.