Regulate – Proactive Communication Control

Start thinking proactively and ensure your compliance with all regulations and requirements with Verint Verba Regulate. This product is the ideal choice for those seeking an essential tool for effortless enforcement of corporate policy and industry regulations while mitigating risks.

Featuring the Ethical Wall solution, Regulate brings a paradigm shift by allowing your business to start applying communication policies in real time and think beyond after-the-fact compliance at your organization.

Safeguarding your Unified Communications

Designed to separate groups or individuals from communicating with each other for ethical, compliance or privacy reasons, Verint Verba Regulate eases the way to enforce granular policies by applying various control mechanisms that define permitted operations between communicating parties. Enable your business to easily control and restrict communications, presence information and content or notify participants about potential violations.

The powerful protective technology captured within Verint Verba Regulate works with your UC platform to give you full control over your enterprise communications – including the ability to regulate the access levels of federated parties when extending your unified communications outside company boundaries. Take the guesswork out of your compliance efforts and take full control over your UC. Read our blog for more insights on Verint Verba Regulate.


In order to prevent conflicts of interest, Verint Verba helps you separate entities and limit interaction between certain individuals or groups across the organization, and control which participants are accessible to certain external parties.


Your business can achieve full legislative compliance by notifying participants about policies, defining who can communicate with whom and allowing only specific modes of communication and content between parties.


Protect your sensitive information and avoid the accidental or malicious leakage of your essential business data by automatically blocking, redacting or reporting such data from any text-based conversation.


Strengthen integrity across your organization by preventing unsolicited communications, monitoring the language used in your corporate channels and notifying participants of company policy rules.

A single product for endless benefits

Verint Verba Regulate offers a comprehensive set of selected features allowing your business to take full control over your Unified Communications:

  • Improve consistency by blocking or redacting inappropriate messages and sensitive information,
  • Ensure consistent policy knowledge of your users by sending compliance notes internally,
  • Control who can communicate with whom and when in your organization through Session Policies
  • Control conversations, content and visibility across your UC environment with a single solution
  • Leverage the Chaperone feature allowing users to set real-time permissions that can override communication policies in place
  • Apply granular policies for any user or globally for any subset of your organization.

Enhance and secure your UC platform

Ethical Wall

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