Verint Financial Compliance Capture

Capture all your regulated interactions via telephony, unified communications, trader voice, mobile and collaboration streams. Verint Financial Compliance Capture enables your business to use centralized recording for critical and compliance-sensitive channels involved in financial services and trading—chat, voice, video, screen, and content sharing—and in use at the trader's desk, via cell phones or in the supporting back-office.

Comply with Regulations

by using Reliable and Versatile

Communication Recording

Record not only voice, but all communication sources including IM, video, screen activities, file transfers and other forms of content sharing. Reliably capture your business-critical communications with a single, unified platform. No matter the complexity of your communications infrastructure, Capture offers a robust, flexible recording system that is packed with innovative tools to meet compliance requirements, lower the total cost of ownership and simplify maintenance.

Regardless of the channel or the device, this module provides the data capture foundation to help you meet recordkeeping, monitoring and reporting obligations. Since Capture is cross-platform compatible with leading communication and collaboration solutions vendors, it will add significant value to your existing communications environment.

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Skype for Business Recording for Compliance

Record Everything, Whatever the Channel

Capture is ideal for your business if you need to keep your communications compliant to adhere to strict regulations such as Dodd-Frank, MAR or MiFID II. It supports a comprehensive set of channels and endpoints across a wide range of UC, collaboration, digital messaging, trading turret, mobile and telephony environments.

What’s more, it helps reduce your hardware footprint, technical infrastructure, IT workload, and operating costs associated with financial compliance recording.

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How Capture Helps Businesses
Tackle Compliance

Ninety One strengthens compliance with financial regulations while enhancing operational oversight with integrated compliance solutions from Verint.

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Capture multiple modes of communication including voice, video, IM, desktop screen, content sharing and app/screen sharing, to enable compliance adherence across all voice and eComms.


Capture is based on open standards and seamlessly integrates with your current communications and IT environment, such as collaboration platforms, data center infrastructure, storage solutions, session border controllers and more.


It features always-on and selective call recording modes, supports complex architectures and enables multiple capture methods to adapt to the unique call recording and data capture requirements.


Verint offers service providers the ability to provide their customers with recording service hosted from hybrid or cloud-based virtual environments, by using a single, secure platform, with independent configuration for each tenant.


Capture provides reliable recording redundancy, high availability and failover options for clients to avoid costly disruptions and escalating compliance breaches while ensuring that all calls get into the database.


Capture enables recording that is easily scalable to adapt to changing business needs and compliance requirements. It allows your business to select the deployment model of your choice–either on premises or in the cloud.

Record Your Critical Communication Channels


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