Video recording with Polycom RMX

By November 19, 2012 August 3rd, 2017 No Comments

polycom-logoOur software surprises us once in a while. Last year we worked with a global wealth management firm that works with Ultra-High-Net-Worth families.

Verba was chosen for recording infrastructure in their offices. When our team was ready with their Cisco infrastructure and their trading turrets, a question came from our partner: “Can you record our Polycom RMX conference bridges?”

Well, 3 hours later we could. Previously we had focused on Cisco, Lync and Avaya technologies and had only had a few Polycom projects. Nevertheless our standard platform services include flexible SIP dial-in recorders with sophisticated video recording capabilities. Starting recording for this customer was essentially a matter of turning on that standard recording service.

Automated Polycom conference recording

The most important aspect of recording video calls directly from the RMX product line is that the video recording sessions can start automatically. This way legal compliance requirements can be easily fulfilled, since conference participants don’t need to remember to start and cannot accidentally stop recording.

Start recording Polycom video conferences with Verba

Our team have worked since then on testing with the Polycom RMX platform to make sure that we cover all possible call and fault scenarios. We now fully support Polycom RMX bridges. In our knowledge base you can find details of how you can record Polycom RMX using Verba.