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The Future of Financial Compliance

Exclusive Interview with Phil Fry, VP Product Strategy at Verint

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In the Autumn of 2019, Tom Fox, also known as the Compliance Evangelist, interviewed Phil Fry, VP of Product Strategy at Verint, to talk about Verint’s take on future trends and innovation in compliance. The conversation is now available as a special podcast series that was originally aired on the FCPA Compliance & Ethics Report. Throughout the episodes of this 5-part series, they consider how the future of different layers of financial services and trading compliance is being reshaped through capture, control, sustainability, and oversight.

We hope you enjoy the podcast episodes to learn what’s new, what’s cutting edge and what’s coming up in financial compliance.

Phil Fry

VP Product Strategy at Verint

Phil brings with him over thirty years’ experience within the financial services industry with 20 years at Deutsche Bank heading up Global Voice Engineering, where he drove and implemented leading-edge, innovative solutions for both front and back-office voice technologies as well as developing regulatory compliance tools and automated assurance capabilities. He is currently heading financial compliance go-to-market and product strategy at Verint.

Tom Fox

Author, Blogger, Speaker, The Compliance Evangelist

Thomas Fox has practiced law in Houston for 30 years and is an Independent Consultant, assisting companies with compliance and international transaction issues. Tom writes and comments frequently on issues related to compliance and ethics. In addition to a number of best-selling books, his daily blog, and bi-weekly podcast, he is a monthly columnist and contributor for Compliance Week and other compliance-focused blogs.

The Future of Financial Compliance

Listen to the episodes at your own pace

#1 Challenging Accepted Wisdom 8:44

In the first episode, Tom Fox talks to Phil Fry, VP Product Strategy at Verint, about reactive, active and proactive compliance, and get into the concepts of capture, control, sustainability and oversight, which will be the topics for the rest of the podcast series.

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#2 Capture 8:31

Why interaction capture is so important in the fast-changing and strictly regulated world of financial services and trading and how it is affected by the latest electronic communication and collaboration technologies? In the second podcast, Tom Fox and Phil Fry discuss the importance of data capture.

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#3 Control 8:13

What does control mean when we’re talking about compliance in finance? And how do you maintain it? In the third episode of our podcast series, Tom Fox and Phil Fry are talking about controlling the collection of data and making data driven decisions using automation and other emerging technologies.

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#4 Sustainability 10:49

How do you sustain acceptable levels of risk and strengthen adherence to regulations amid constantly evolving tools, data, workforce, and policies? In this episode Tom and Phil are talking about making a compliance program sustainable in the long term.

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#5 Oversight 10:31

How do you bring together data and analysis under a single lens from across your organization? In this final episode, Tom and Phil are talking about how this all comes together into a comprehensive plan that improves investigations and compliance oversight.

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How does the divergence of regulations impact the compliance function? What are the implications of the increasing cost of compliance? What is the role of the human factor and rising regtech in managing financial services risk and compliance in the digital age?

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