Playback – how does it work?

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Playback is an important feature of the Verba Recording System. When a call is recorded Playback enables an individual to listen back to the content of a phone conversation. Typically the playback control consists of play, pause, stop, play selected, begin, end, fast forward, fast rewind, playback speed control, volume control and stereo channel control. The functionality is available in the browser window, there is no need to install client applications, any client computer equipped with Microsoft Windows Media Player run the Verba Player.

Why is Playback important?

A variety of scenarios can materialise at work where playback can be of huge benefit:

  • If a disagreement between a contact centre agent and the customer takes place during a phone call, the manager can locate the call and listen back to the conversation. Hence, playback can provide a potentially effective way to resolve a dispute.
  • Training and coaching purposes, a manager may want to use call recordings to demonstrate good or poor examples of customer service on the phone to staff; thereby imparting effective or ineffective techniques of verbal interaction with customers to his or her team. It is a useful way to monitor customer service levels and see where improvements, if any, need to be instigated. In addition, it is a great way to illustrate positive customer interaction and raise staff morale.
  • Compliance, surveillance, IT and audit teams, especially in financial services and trading environments, can benefit from playback functionality when sampling recorded calls, verifying financial trade events, or supporting a regulatory request for trade reconstruction and reporting.

To search for a call playback event on the Verba Recording System, there are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Login to the Verba web interface
  2. Select the date/time interval for the searched media
  3. Set a name or phone number – partial matches are also found
  4. Push the Search button – the result list will be displayed
  5. Click on the Play button of the selected media

The search facility in Verba is optimized for millions of phone calls, and will only show those calls that are allowed according to the logged in users’ access policies.

Key features of Playback

Waveform display

This display enables the end user to review a recorded telephone call and allows them to locate specific parts of the conversation. The waveform display below illustrates the conversation and where metadata field or markers are highlighted (pink segmented area) in the waveform pane below.

Position markers set through phones, web or API

It is inevitable that during particular conversations an end user may want to review parts of a conversation, for instance, for training purposes. Call markers allow users to highlight and annotate parts of the recorded conversations, and share this information with other users (managers or supervisors) in the system. Markers can be placed manually using the intuitive Verba Player or Verba XML Service on Cisco IP phones during the call. This is a great feature that facilitates call reviews and encourages information sharing and collaboration with other users e.g. managers and supervisors.

Video replay capabilities with full screen support

Not only is there a capability to play back voice recordings, but the end user can also view video conference and desktop screen video playback as well.

Download segments of recorded calls

Users can not only download the entire call, but can also download the marked segment of a call into standard wav files. This feature reduces the time an organisation may waste locating relevant parts of the recorded interactions.

For further information, you can read our comprehensive guide on compliance recording.