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Partner Success – EUS Networks

By June 12, 2015 August 3rd, 2017 No Comments

World profitsEUS NetworksVerba works with hundreds of partners, resellers and distributors across the world to provide a versatile call recording solution for end users. Let’s take a look at just one of these many successful partner relationships…

…in 2011, EUS Networks became a Verba partner. The company specializes in telephony integration  in the United States, which supply different elements of telephony components and provide an integrated solution for thousands of customers.

EUS Networks

The Challenge

One of EUS Network’s customers, a financial institution, managed recording internally however, their call recording needs were not being met sufficiently. The financial organization used the phone system Asterisk VoIP PBX and their turrets had ARD lines, which connected directly to their financial associates.

They responded to regular requests e.g. examination of particular investments, certain sales and purchases. Their traders used turrets to conduct high financial value transactions. These turrets act like phones and keep an open direct line to traders at the other end. They required always on recording, direct playback and administer controlled archived files. Since the organization could be audited at any given time, they were required to keep records of all these transactions, which included trades to remain compliant. All call recording had to comply with new industry Commodity Futures Training Commission (CFTC) regulations.

The organization was seeking a suitable solution and sought guidance from EUS Networks – they recommended the Verba Recording System, which was deployedMegan Collins, Manager at EUS Networks stated:

‘Our financial customer is very happy with the support they have received – there’s no need to worry about the system. It’s great!’

The Benefits

The Verba Recording System met the financial organization’s essential requirements and possessed additional benefits:

  • Ease of integration – the Verba solution integrated easily to the organization’s Asterisk phone based system using IP Trade turrets and the direct playback features on their turrets
  • Cost-effective – the Verba Recording System is very competitive and is on par with other vastly expensive call recording  solutions. Megan feels the “Verba Recording System is very streamlined, user-friendly and cost-effective.”
  • Extensive support – the Verba support team provide substantial support pre and post implementation of the recording solution, this is echoed by Megan, “Verba have been quick to respond. The team work closely with the organization to deal with their specific requirements in a professional and precise manner.”
  • Supplementary services – Verba can provide additional features e.g. what the user can access and when, time based recordings, voice recordings, archiving and Speech Analytics.  The financial organization plan to expand their office and are interested in Speech Analytics for locating recordings. A phrase or word search would be helpful in pinpointing a specific part of the call without going through all of the data, since the organization have always-on recording to speed up the search. Speech Analytics is a feature of the Verba Recording System.

Megan feels the ‘Verba Recording System does exactly what is required and the financial organization feels the solution is very streamlined, user-friendly and cost-effective.’

The solution records all the transactions with their traders. Every call is recorded and kept for reference according to the regulations set forth and enforced for their industry. The implementation of the Verba Recording System within the financial organization has been very successful.