Nurturing New Talent

By August 2, 2013 August 3rd, 2017 Our team

AdamcropAt Verba Technologies we believe in nurturing talent and crucially developing a person’s skills base.  How do we accomplish this?  One way is to maintain strong links with higher education establishments; in Hungary, where most of our development activities happen, we have a very good relationship with Budapest University of Technology. Two of our developers have worked on ‘incubator projects’ with Verba, whilst studying their degrees at the university.

Let me introduce you to Adam Czibere, a final year Master of Computer Science student at Budapest University of Technology.

So how did Adam initially become involved with Verba?

In his second year at university, Adam was extremely interested in Android applications.  One of the projects included working in teams (either with existing university students or companies such as Verba).  His tutor recommended Verba as a possible ‘fit’ for Adam.  The project he embarked on involved designing an Android application, designing an interface which ran on a tablet or mobile and was basically a working prototype.

Adam did have certain concerns,  ‘I was afraid to initially work for a company since I thought they may not have time”.  As it has transpires, he actually had no grounds to worry.  Sam Daroczy, who heads up business development in Hungary, oversaw this project and provided the relevant support and guidance to Adam.  He was very impressed with Adam’s work and offered him a post at Verba during the summer break and that’s exactly what he is doing right now!  In fact, Adam certainly feels that working with Verba has really benefited him, ” I wanted some experience and I have been able to take my time working and learning at the same time.  I really like it here, the people are great.”


Similarly, Attila Wolf, a graduate from Budapest University of Technology completed a project with Verba which involved developing an iPhone application.  This lasted approximately one semester and allowed Attila to learn development.   After completing his project with Verba, he approached Sam regarding possible employment opportunities at Verba and he offered him a position as a Developer.  He feels the opportunity has been invaluable, ” I watch, study and learn from everyone.  I’m learning by building test scenarios for both Cisco and Microsoft Unified technologies so I can be more of a valuable asset.”

What are the positive aspects of working at Verba?

Attila feels very positive about his experience with Verba, “I love working at Verba, the opportunity to do so many different tasks, iPhone / iOS (mobile operating system) projects, testing, installations  and customer support.  It’s a huge jump in professional development – I’ve learnt so much more at Verba in comparison to two months at university.  It’s different working for a company, I feel I’m much more productive.”

The management team at Verba believes in nurturing new talent and allowing individuals to develop their skills in a real-life work environment.  Sam feels that Verba’s links with higher education establishments truly benefits all parties:

For a technology company like us, it is essential to work with universities.  These institutions are both hubs of engineering excellence and a source of new talent.  Cooperation brings relevant opportunities to both our company, the university and to students.  To have a constant flow of good ideas and great talent, you always have to have different and exciting experiments running at the same time.  This helps students evolve professionally.  It is a win-win, that leads to innovation – it’s serendipity.”