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Now is the time. Take control of your UC.

By November 29, 2016 August 3rd, 2017 No Comments


Now is the time to take advantage of all the improvements our team has added in the last couple of years to our – originally recording focused – Verba platform.

To help you take the next step, until December 31, 2016, we are providing spectacular discounts when ordering Speech Search or Ethical Wall licenses for your new or existing Verba solution.

Don’t miss this opportunity and take control of your UC compliance and quality management tasks like never before. Keep reading and see what our Speech Search and Ethical Wall products can do for you.

Verba Ethical Wall

Let your team focus on “who can do what” and not on “who did what”. In other words, stop firefighting and after-the-fact compliance. Prevent problems instead of handling them when they already happened. Introduce proactive UC compliance powered by Verba.

Define central communication policies, properly enforce them on all UC communication channels then forget about them. When your staff is relocated within the organization, let new policies apply to them automatically.

Communication policy examples in the Verba Ethical Wall

Communication policy examples in the Verba Ethical Wall

Here are some key use cases:

  1. Protect personal data by filtering IM (e.g. social security numbers, bank accounts)
  2. Prevent conflict of interest between groups
  3. Blocking various file transfers to strengthening IT security
  4. Manage risk by preventing unwanted information to be shared
  5. Protecting teams from unsolicited contacts by selectively blocking presence
  6. Add disclaimers to chat, meet regulations and instill a greater sense of responsibility
  7. Filter profanity

If you are working in the Investment Banking, Healthcare, Corporate Finance/Financial Services, Legal, Government or IT/Security industries, most likely our platform will help you stay compliant.

Speech Search

Currently available in US and UK English, the Verba Speech Search feature can speed up and automate compliance and quality assurance tasks and identify key information in voice and video calls in a user-friendly and efficient way.

Speech search results in the Verba conversation player

Speech search results in the Verba conversation player

You will benefit from Speech Search capabilities in various ways:

  1. Define keywords/phrases, find relevant conversations for agent evaluation purposes
  2. Use automatic labeling based on keywords/phrases to categorize conversations
  3. Identify key sales information such as competitors, up-sell opportunities
  4. Notify supervisors about inappropriate behavior or inadequate customer interactions
  5. Identify conversations where mandatory disclaimers or security questions are not present
  6. Make investigations quicker, reduce compliance and forensics costs
  7. Discover and dive into new trends in your interactions

If you communicate with a large number of customers or work in a regulated industry, you will benefit from speech search.

Our team is happy to answer any of your questions or help you with identifying or leveraging opportunities. For further information, contact your Verba reseller or one of our experts.