Closing the Gap for Cisco Jabber mobile recording

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Cisco logoBack in 2013 Cisco announced a new range of Collaboration Edge products including Cisco Expressway. Many customers started using Mobile and Remote Access (MRA) via Expressway in the last 12-18 months, it started to get significant traction and there is a lot of buzz around it. This post discusses how MRA interacts with your recording and how Verba can help you there.

Mobile and Remote Access via Cisco Expressway

Cisco’s Mobile and Remote Access enables external Jabber desktop and mobile clients to connect to the intranet of their organization from the internet via Cisco Expressway. MRA allows endpoints outside the enterprise network – such as Cisco Jabber – to have their registration, call control, provisioning, messaging and presence services provided by Cisco Unified Communications Manager (a.k.a. Unified CM).

However, if a recording solution is not sophisticated enough, it will not cope well with Expressway and MRA.

MRA does not mix well with recording

Built-in Bridge (BiB), which is the standard go-to technology for Cisco recording, is not working when Jabber clients are connected from an external network because ExpressWay does not support it. Moreover, the connection between the ExpressWay and the Jabber client is always secured by TLS and SRTP, therefore passive methods will not work either.

One might still get recordings through their gateways, but that will cover only incoming and outgoing PSTN calls. A standard BiB recording solution will not record the following call scenarios:

  • Internal devices to external Jabber clients
  • External Jabber clients to internal devices
  • Calls between external Jabber clients

MRA does not work with recording…

…or does it?

Verba customers, however, see this differently. Verba provides Cisco recording in three major ways:

  1. passive / monitor port based
  2. network-based
  3. proxy-based

Most vendors will only support one or two of these three solutions.

Proxy-based recording is the key to record Cisco Jabber MRA calls. Our experts can help our customers to reconfigure their voice routing, to direct calls through a Verba proxy server, that capture the voice streams and are transparent for the end user. This setup can be fully redundant and load-balanced.

Those working in a regulated industry, like finance might need to consider switching their recording system to Verba now, to capture their mobile Jabber conversations. This technology is unique in the market.

For further information, why not contact one of our experts today.