Recording Cisco Jabber mobile calls

By February 12, 2013 August 3rd, 2017 Cisco, Solutions

Cisco ISR routers with support for Jabber recordingSeveral customers have recently asked us if we can record Cisco Jabber mobile calls. Since we added a dial-in recorder service to the Verba recording platform, we were able to offer our customers a way to record their mobile calls. However with this solution the end-user manually had to initiate a three party conference where one of the parties was the recorder. Now we have a new more robust option.

Recording Jabber calls directly from gateways

When Cisco Jabber is used on your mobile phones all call scenarios can be setup to touch the Cisco gateways of your network. Cisco have recently added a new  gateway recording interface, which allows recording, within the gateway, even those calls which turn back to the PSTN (similar to mobile scenarios).

Recommended recording architecture for Cisco Jabber calls

Verba uses the Cisco UC Gateway Services API to record calls directly from the Cisco gateways. Currently it is supported on Cisco TDM Gateways for TDM trunks (e.g. Cisco 2900 and 3900 Integrated Services Routers (ISR)). This covers all call scenarios:

  • incoming calls to mobile (routed from CUCM)
  • outgoing calls Jabber mobile using call-back
  • outgoing calls with an operator based solution where mobile calls are routed to enterprise where UCM makes routing decision

If the mobile provider delivers mobile calls through SIP trunk:

  • Verba can record it from a SPAN/monitor port OR
  • from Cisco ISR G2 with CUBE when Cisco UC Gateway Services API will be available in CUBE

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