Introducing Verba 8

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Welcome to Verba 8

Verba 8 – Where It All Comes Together

Today we are announcing Verba 8, the greatest advance in the 13 year history of our platform.

Verba 8 is where all your collaboration compliance and quality management needs come together in a single, unified platform:

  • Cisco and Lync collaboration recording (IM, voice, video and screen)
  • Collaboration Compliance solution for your legal team
  • Quality Management for your quality management and contact center team
  • Speech Analytics with phonetic search and automatic labeling

Get things done much faster with Verba 8.

Save up to 60% of your time

Verba 8 let’s you spend less time with back-office activities and more time with your customers.

You can save up to up to 60%* of your time time spent on compliance and quality management efforts, based on cumulative savings using our industry leading

  • search and playback interface
  • integrated quality management
  • automatic labeling of calls and
  • the use of speech analytics to pre-filter recordings before manual analysis start

* an estimate by select Verba customers

What’s new in Verba 8?

Our core Cisco and Lync collaboration recording support improved tremendously since the launch of Verba 7. Today, both in the field of Cisco and Lync collaboration solutions, we have all recording technologies, that any of our competitors have combined.

With Verba 8, there is no Cisco, no Lync deployment, where Verba is not able to provide a complete, server-side, reliable recording platform, that stores not only voice, but IM, video as well.

Besides this comprehensive recording foundation, we have added many new functions:

  • General features
    • Mobile optimized web application – read more
    • Manual and automatic labeling – read more
    • Recording notifications in emails
  • Redundancyread more
    • Improved recorder failover
    • Improved load balancing
  • Security
    • Roles-based Access Control
    • >40 new user permissions
    • Active Directory group sync
  • Compliance Use Casesread more
    • Ethical wall*
    • Advanced Legal Hold – read more
    • Compliance store integration
    • (IBM, NetApp, EMC)*
  • Contact Center Use Cases
    • Speech analytics-driven QM
    • New contact center integrations
    • Screen monitoring and focus-based recording

If you are interested in Verba 8, please contact one of our experts today.

Also, see our Gearing up for Verba 8 blog series.