Introducing the Knowledge Base [2019 Update]

By September 1, 2019 August 13th, 2020 Features, Solutions

Product Information At Your Fingertips

At Verint, we believe ‘knowledge is power’ and have a useful online resource, the Knowledge Base, where you can easily access technical information about our solutions.

It is an extensive set of documentation around the compliance recording, data management, data analysis and proactive communication governance capabilities within Verint Financial Compliance. These documents are each targeted to various roles/users e.g. engineers, network analysts and compliance officers who may require further guidance and information before or during the deployment of the Verint solutions.

The Knowledge Base covers how the platform works and a step-by-step configuration guide with screenshots. This comprehensive information source covers:

  • Quick Reference Guide: a quick overview of the web interface, the web-based media player, the search screen and the Cisco IP phone app.
  • User Guide: explains how to access, search, list and play phone calls, how to share and publish media and how to work from Cisco phones
  • Administration Guide: targeted for administrators responsible for managing user and group rights and register recorded phones and more
  • Quality Management Guide: for contact center supervisors who manage quality assurance projects, design evaluation forms
  • Speech Analytics Guide: The system offers speech transcription and phonetic search to allow searching in voice conversations. Refer to the corresponding guides to understand the capabilities, language support, limitations and license requirements for each.
  • Ethical Wall Guide: explains the Ethical Wall solution describing the design, configuration and administration of the solution.
  • Deployment Guide: manages quality assurance projects, design evaluation forms or evaluate and score interactions or evaluate and score evaluations
  • Operation & Maintenance: for system managers working with monitoring troubleshooting, SQL administration and backup/restore operations
  • Reporting & Dashboard Guide: explains how to create and manage various dashboard widgets, reports and report types
  • Integration Guide: for architects and developers building integrated solutions (includes HTTP Business API, HTTP Single Sign-On API and more).

The Knowledge Base is not a restricted online resource, it is accessible to all, reflecting our aim to provide you with manuals and sufficient resources before your buying decision or when using our products.

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