Introducing the Elements of Compliance

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Verint Verba 9 will be launched in London at Verint Engage EMEA 2017. The release not only marks a new version of our product, but a reinvention of communications compliance. Building on the foundations of the previous major release, we bring you a new and exciting concept, the Elements of Compliance. 

This structure breaks down the complexity of regulatory compliance to a universe of tangible products and third-party solutions where the different elements are interlaced with each other.

Reinventing regulatory compliance

Whilst every financial firm faces the same challenges in meeting new regulations and controls, Verint recognizes that not everyone is the same. There are multiple different factors (resourcing constraints, available finance, embedded solutions, rate of temporal change, and differing adoption levels of process automation) affecting how firms approach the issues. By breaking down the solution into components, Verint Verba 9 makes it simple for firms of all sizes to build, manage, and integrate into their existing ecosystem. It reduces the risk in transitioning legacy platforms as well as increasing the level of controls.

The Elements of Compliance

The concept provides a future-proof framework for adding further elements down the line and integrate with third-party solutions. The solution is currently made up of six core elements:

  • Regulate – Proactive Communication Compliance
  • Capture – Redefining Unified Communication Recording
  • Archive – The Enterprise Communication Archive
  • Assure – Build Compliance on Sound Foundations
  • Sense – Where Everything Starts to Make Sense
  • Improve – Because Every Interaction Counts

It is important to highlight that the Elements of Compliance concept does not prioritize elements, merely focuses on different stages any conversation may go through in the complex compliance space. The elements the conversation interacts with, depend on the unique characteristics of your specific environment.

Proactive Communication Compliance

The Regulate element provides a control gateway, allowing you to start applying communication policies in real time and to think beyond after-the-fact compliance. Our powerful protective technology works with leading Unified Communications platforms to give you full control over your enterprise communications.


Redefining Unified Communications Recording

All communications modalities can be recorded with the Capture element across multiple UC environments, such as Skype for Business, Cisco UC, Avaya, Broadsoft and more. Whether its IM, voice, video, desktop screen, application or content sharing, you can rest assured your conversations are recorded.


The Enterprise Communication Archive

Most of the recorded content needs archiving, a stronghold element in our portfolio. Archive provides a sophisticated policy framework to define rules for data retention, access and storage. Besides helping to meet record-keeping requirements, Archive also works as a hub to connect other elements, as well as an entry point for conversations recorded elsewhere.


Build Compliance on Sound Foundations

By activating the Assure element, users can verify whether all recordable conversations have been recorded properly, in the required quality, to eliminate the risks associated with recording or network failure and ensure a frictionless customer communications


Where Everything Starts to Make Sense

One of the most exciting elements is Sense, offering cutting-edge search and analysis capabilities built on speech AI in an easy-to-use web interface. Leveraging speech transcription and phonetic search, the recordings start to make sense as you convert data from audio and video recordings into measurable business intelligence.


Because Every Interaction Counts

Finally, Improve provides an easy-to-use and flexible solution for developing quality management programs, including real-time monitoring features, agile functionalities for agent evaluation, coupled with scoring and performance tracking.


From six elements to an integrated and scalable product that helps your business tackle risk and manage compliance. This is Verint Verba, a modular enterprise collaboration compliance platform that combines communications capture and data archiving with proactive compliance, speech analytics, recording assurance and financial quality management capabilities. Discover the elements of compliance and start turning complexity into a strategic advantage.

Watch this space

In our Elements of Compliance blog series, posted between today and the Verint Verba 9 launch at the end of November, we are covering all the elements in detail. Be sure to check our blog regularly.