Integration Description

The Verba Recording System uses the Truphone API to add a Verba Recording Server as a conference participant to mobile calls.This way calls made on the Truphone cellular network can be recorded the retrieved using Verba's unified web interface.

Product Description

Managing enterprise mobility can be a complex, expensive, and frustrating affair. As more and more employees adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work, there is greater demand for access to corporate data, and at the same time, an increased threat to corporate security. MNCs’ expansion plans into different regions also means that they have to negotiate and manage multiple contracts across different providers.Truphone, a SIM-based GSM mobile service which offers customers improved voice and data performance, as well as local rates (rather than roaming rates) in 66 countries.In eight of these countries, an area the company calls the Truphone Zone users can purchase additional local mobile phone numbers, so their contacts in these countries are able to reach them with a local call.