Tango Networks MVR

Integration Description

The Verba Recording System uses the Tango Networks API to add a Verba Recording Server as a conference participant to mobile calls. This way calls established by Tango Networks can be recorded the retrieved using Verba's unified web interface.

Product Description

Managing enterprise mobility can be a complex, expensive, and frustrating affair. As more and more employees adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work, there is greater demand for access to corporate data, and at the same time, an increased threat to corporate security. MNCs’ expansion plans into different regions also means that they have to negotiate and manage multiple contracts across different providers. Tango Networks’ groundbreaking Software-Defined Communications platform optimizes mobile communications for the modern enterprise. - Extend rich UC voice & messaging to any user’s mobile phone while providing a superior end user experience. - Simply manage & orchestrate mobile communications in a mixed vendor environment with policy-driven communications. - Record & monitor corporate voice & text on any users’ mobile device with a superior user experience. - Industry-leading management of dual personas (work and personal) on mobile phones, ensuring business communications come from the business. - Simple, flexible policy control over employee communications on mobile devices, transparently enforced to ensure a superior user experience. - Deliver managed mobile communications for your employees at each step of their interactions with your customers.