Tango Lux

Integration Description

The Verba platform can record communications of Tango mobile customers with recording enabled enterprise subscriptions. This way calls made on the Tango cellular network can be recorded and then retrieved using the Verba unified web interface. This integration supports recording redundancy and blocking calls in case of recording failures.

Product Description

Managing enterprise mobility can be a complex, expensive, and frustrating affair. As more and more employees adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work, there is greater demand for access to corporate data, and at the same time, an increased threat to corporate security. MNCs’ expansion plans into different regions also means that they have to negotiate and manage multiple contracts across different providers. Tango is the leading alternative operator in Luxembourg, offering TV, Internet, fixed and mobile telephony services to residential customers, the self-employed and small businesses. Driven by its taste for a good challenge and intent on offering simplicity and clarity, Tango is focused on the user, and since its inception in 1998, has rolled out a strong innovation policy to provide the best technology at the fairest price. Close to its customers, the company relies on an efficient distribution network which includes 10 Tango outlets and 20 partner outlets. Tango also works closely with international partners, such as Vodafone, to ensure an optimal communication experience, even abroad. Thanks to a broad portfolio of products and efficient customer service, today, over 278,000 customers have put their trust in Tango. As a member of the Proximus Group since 2008, Tango can also count on the support of its sister company Telindus, a leading integrator and operator in Luxembourg offering services in the field of fixed and mobile telecommunications, ICT infrastructure, the Cloud and security. Brought together under the Proximus Luxembourg structure since October 2016, the two companies cover all the expertise required to meet the needs of residential customers and businesses, whatever their size.