Speakerbus iSeries

Verint, a Speakerbus Technology Certified Partner

Participation in the Speakerbus Certified Technology Partnership Program is a testament to our strong support for financial institutions with complex compliance requirements. Verint's work with Speakerbus aims to deliver the next generation trading room for the finance sector globally. With their latest product generation, Speakerbus is on the frontline of trading room solutions and together we can now provide a complete collaboration compliance offering, that goes well beyond voice-only technologies.

Seamless Interoperability with Speakerbus iSeries

Verint first completed compliance testing with the iSeries Speakers API meeting strict interoperability testing requirements. The interoperability test plan consisted of more than 70 call scenarios, that covered all the special call flows Speakerbus iTurrets and Intercoms support. This included call conferencing, call privacy, hoot and holler, ARD/MRD calls, Group calls and calls with a 24 speaker channel. In addition, the test also focused on negative tests, i.e. how the recorder recovers from different error conditions like network failures. Currently, Verint supports the latest turret types and iCDS versions available: iCDS 2.30, iTurret 3.42, iD712 2.42 and SE 708 2.62.

Advanced trader voice compliance integration

Verint's compliance recording solution integrates Speakerbus turret platforms and intercoms to provide clients with a comprehensive, compliant trading communications solutionThis integration provides financial institutions with a flexible solution, which helps them to manage risk and meet increasingly complex compliance requirements under Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, MAR, GDPR, and more.

Verint offers sophisticated compliance capabilities for financial services and trading organizations using Speakerbus dealerboards and intercoms:

  • Certified, secure trader voice recording for Speakerbus iSeries
  • 2N recorder configurations (duplicated call events and media streams)
  • Verint service provides a handler to Speakerbus iCDS (Internetworking Call Data Service) call event streams and to record media
  • Compatible with optimized trader voice recording data model
  • Support for VAD (voice activity detection) and media segmentation for long calls
  • All types of recording mix layouts are supported
  • Verint captures metadata specific to Speakerbus calls (when CTI messages are available)

Speakerbus: the right choice for voice trading

Whether you are in capital markets, commodity trading, hedge funds or brokerage sectors, voice trading is a critical part of your business. Personal interaction is essential when negotiating deals in complex assets classes. The Speakerbus iTurret dealerboard / IP trading turret helps you to exploit trading opportunities, whilst controlling costs and adhering to compliance demands. Speakerbus is a specialist provider of voice collaboration solutions: telephony, intercom, connectivity and speaker solutions to the financial services industry over the last thirty years.