Product Description

Smarsh is the leading provider of archiving & compliance solutions for companies in regulated and litigious industries. Smarsh is headquartered in beautiful Portland, Oregon with offices worldwide.
Our customers in regulated industries (e.g. financial institutions) are recording hundreds and thousands of conversations such as IM, phone calls, video calls. Archiving information for long-term retention and e-discovery is vital, and Verint offers the ability to move your communication records to Smarsh, a cloud-based compliance archive provider.

Archive all your communications in Smarsh

Using Verint, you can record all your regulated communications then decide if you want to store your data within Verint or move it to a single, cloud-based repository (including email, social media, chats, phone calls and more). Verint supports multiple compliance stores through the concept of storage targets. The integration with Smarsh enhances our offering and provides a smart interface for:
  • Search-ready content - quick, granular and unified search across all archived communications
  • e-discovery & cases - powerful cost and time-cutting functionality to search and produce data to detect compliance threats in conversations
  • Policies & Review - automated classification and policy enforcement with efficient, intuitive reviews
  • Admin & Reporting - roles-based user/group management, security settings and customizable reporting suite, from queue specific e-discovery