IPC Unigy

Verint & IPC: Where Trading Meets Compliance

The partnership between Verint and IPC provides your business with a proven solution for compliant and secure trading communications while enabling robust, highly available trading workflows in today’s digital era. Verint® Financial Compliance Capture™ is a comprehensive solution can help you capture, retain, monitor, control, retrieve and analyze interactions from the IPC Unigy trading communications solution alongside other trader voice, unified communications, mobile, and telephony environments.

Proven by successful deployments at global banks, investment firms, asset managers, hedge funds and other financial institutions, it can help your business manage compliance complexities across all regulated voice calls via IPC Unigy and other interactions streams at your organization. Designed with compliance, IT and risk teams in mind, Verint Financial Compliance Capture can help manage, categorize, search, replay, investigate and easily export interaction streams that should be retained in an easily retrievable format for later analysis, structuring, and evidencing.

Recording, Data Management and Analysis for IPC Unigy

It’s a practical solution to prevent compliance failures, strengthen communication governance, improve compliance oversight and automate compliance processes. You can:
  • Securely record, archive, monitor and retrieve all interactions by your regulated personnel from a variety of channels throughout the trade lifecycle.
  • Enable compliance with records retention, data governance and surveillance rules under strict financial regulations, such as MiFID II, MAR, and the Dodd-Frank Act.
  • Accelerate call search, playback, review for deeper analysis and trade reconstruction.
  • Make data management and records retrieval faster and easier.
  • Facilitate investigations, voice analysis, data lifecycle and collaborative case management.
  • Leverage streamlined integration with communication surveillance and risk monitoring solutions for compliance oversight.

Manage Communication Risk for IPC Unigy

Verint’s financial compliance solution framework is based on open APIs, so it can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. Deployed on premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution, it can natively record real-time communications from IPC dealerboard devices and virtual trader voice clients along with an array of communication features from other UC, trader voice, mobile and telephony solutions for structuring, monitoring, recordkeeping, and analysis purposes. It offers a broad range of compliance capabilities, including:
  • Versatile Data Capture – Offers certified interoperability, resilience (2N and N+1) and integrated capture of high volumes of voice streams and metadata while providing an optimized trader voice data model, automated voice inactivity detection and media segmentation capabilities.
  • Robust Data Management – Provides comprehensive features to set up granular policies for records retention while storing data in a single, easily navigable repository for instant search and playback.
  • Cognitive Capabilities – Facilitates voice transcription with Verint and third-party engines, data tagging, and advanced search for rapid data discovery and analysis.
  • Data Intelligence – Provides real-time, customizable dashboards and reporting to give real-time oversight and a “single-pane-of-glass” view of your compliance infrastructure.
  • Compliance Store Integrations – Allows recorded data to be stored on premises or on multiple third-party cloud storage and Write Once Read Many (WORM) archive solutions.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility – Enables interactions from IPC to be stored, managed, and analyzed along with data from other UC, trading turret, mobile, and IP telephony environments.
  • Assurance and Data Integrity – Helps ensure data protection with encryption, digital signage, role-based access control, authentication workflows, and other security mechanisms.
  • Open APIs – Makes captured voice records available for external platforms for communications monitoring, trade surveillance, trade reconstruction, and behavioral analytics.

Designed for Compliant Trading Connectivity

Verint Financial Compliance offers complete support for leading trader voice, unified communications, mobile, and IP telephony solutions so that you can further reduce costs by using the same platform for communications recording inside the trading room and beyond. Our compliance solutions already empower IPC Unigy users globally to adhere to strict regulatory regimes for communications monitoring, records retention and risk management under MAD II / MAR, MiFID II, the Dodd-Frank Act, and more. Verint Financial Compliance also offers automated infrastructure monitoring, call recording assurance, and voice quality testing capabilities for the IPC Unigy platform to help your business verify health, functionality, and performance of your critical communications environment.

IPC: Connecting Opportunities

IPC is a leading global provider of secure, compliant communications and networking solutions for the financial markets community. IPC Unigy is a game-changing, state-of-the-art, SOA-based platform for trading communications and applications. Unigy features one of the industry’s largest, most diverse portfolios of PC, endpoint device, and mobile applications, accessible across the entire trading workflow for the greatest collaboration benefits. IPC’s IQ/MAX Touch endpoint has an intuitive, highly flexible touchscreen interface with multiple ways to continually inform, shorten steps, and accelerate workflows. For trading fluidity throughout an enterprise, the compact Pulse endpoint provides instantaneous, seamless access to help reduce risk and ensure compliance.