BT Trading (IP Trade)

How to Record the BT Trading (IP Trade) Turret Platform?

Verint offers a certified recording solution for BT Trading (formerly IP Trade) dealerboards used on trading floors as well as command and control environments. The solution provides sophisticated features to support call recording, recordkeeping, and monitoring requirements for financial trading. We provide a robust system that can effectively capture, retain and analyze trader interactions from BT trading turrets in use across dealing room operations globally.

Recording can be performed using dual voice recording streams from the BT turrets or the BT Turret Proxy Open (TPO) servers - or even with a combination of both. Call detail records (CDR) are delivered to the recorder from the BT platform to allow calls to be comprehensively tagged with the associated call metadata. The turrets and recorders are built for recording failover situations with notifications on the turret screen where recording is not available. In addition, BT Touch Pro dealerboards include a graphical user interface allowing individuals to replay recorded calls on demand, with the replayed audio being streamed to the user’s turret handset.

Advanced Call Recording for BT Trading (IP Trade)

Verint provides highly redundant call recording technology with advanced compliance features and applications. If required, calls can be compressed to a range of formats to optimize storage or can be retained in their original format to assist with speech transcription accuracy. As our licensing is named user-based rather than channel-based, the Verint recording system can capture all your turret streams individually, eliminating the need to mix channels to reduce recording channel licensing costs. Unmixing channels can also dramatically increase speech transcription accuracy as well as making it easier for compliance teams to listen to specific conversations.

A comprehensive and secure repository of millions of calls in the system is searchable via parameters such as trader name, trader ID, speaker labels, dialed and received numbers, time ranges, and more. Deployable on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution, the entire trader voice recording solution supports virtualization, redundancy and multiple sites.

Sophisticated Features for Complex Requirements

Our compliance capture solution is differentiated through the following features:
  • BT Trading Enterprise (IP Trade) supports a high volume of open lines, where traders can quickly switch between these lines - these are all recorded directly through the turrets or via the TPO server in a centralized and cost-effective fashion by storing only a single media stream per open line.
  • The compliance recording system supports central recording and the turrets and/or the TPO server sends audio streams to the recorder.
  • Offers 2N and N+1 recorder high availability configurations.
  • Compatible with trader voice recording data model which provides efficient storage for trader voice conversation.
  • Support for transcoding, voice activity detection and media segmentation for long calls to reduce storage consumption.
  • All types of recording mix layouts are supported.
  • Support for selective recoding for a subset of traders.
  • Support for Verint and non-Verint speech transcription engines.
  • Open access to recorded data for exporting into third party archive and eComms surveillance platforms.
  • A wide range of APIs, and more.

Designed for Global Banking and the Capital Markets

Verint Financial Compliance offers complete support for leading trader voice, unified communications, mobile, and IP telephony solutions so that you can further reduce costs by using the same platform for communications recording inside the trading room and beyond.

Unified Trading Communications from BT

BT Trading (IP Trade) unifies financial trading communications by combining advanced VoIP and IP software applications with state-of-the-art, proven hardware. Ultra-reliable communications software, deployed in concert with enterprise voice platforms, simplifies trading floor communications by combining advanced telephony, turret, and unified IP and VoIP communications architecture into a single, scalable, and highly flexible solution. Through a user-friendly and customizable touch-screen interface, BT trading turrets provide enhanced security, with a high number of voice channels, speed dial functionality, and group intercom features. The platform is built for reliability and high availability.

BT Trading is a collaboration suite for financial markets, offering customers a powerful set of cost-effective, cloud-compatible services. It gives market professionals the flexibility to interact, collaborate and trade securely - and with greater compliance - via multiple communication channels, across their enterprise and with their clients and counterparts.