Custodia MVR

Integration Description

Verint Financial Compliance can ingest mobile communications from the Custodia MVR app for records retention, data management, and monitoring purposes alongside other communication streams in your environment.

Product Description

With Custodia’s MVR (mobile voice recording) platform, you’re always in control of what’s happening when communications takes place away from the desk. Network, OS and device-independent mobile voice & SMS recording plus monitoring features means that you never have to change providers, devices or telephone numbers to achieve compliance. MVR is an app-based solution, replacing the standard dialer, voicemail and SMS with an almost identical GUI, to promote easy user adoption. With iOS and Android compatibility, MVR is the simple way to call, use visual voicemail and, even conference simultaneously with up to 250 colleagues or clients – all from the same application. Enterprise level encryption secures communications and storage, which can be retrieved through the cloud or via an on-premises installation. Additionally, every recording can be assimilated within the master voice compliance estate, for real-time mobile compliance management.