Cloud9 C9 Trader

Investment firms and trading organizations increasingly leverage cloud-based communications powered by Cloud9 to stay connected with colleagues, clients, and counterparties across all asset classes in real time. At the same time, increasing regulatory demand for record-keeping, monitoring, reporting, and secure data governance is forcing them to record voice trading and keep trader connectivity within compliance boundaries.


How to Record Your Cloud9 C9 Trader Platform?

Verint offers advanced compliance recording, data governance and analysis capabilities for the Cloud9 C9 Trader cloud-based, virtual trading communications platform used by financial and energy traders across dealing room environments globally. Our solution provides robust and reliable features to support call recording, record-keeping, monitoring and reporting requirements under financial trading regulations and other industry legislation. Verint provides a robust system that can enable Compliance, IT, Surveillance and Trade Operations teams to effectively ingest, retain, structure and analyze trade-related interactions from Cloud9's soft turrets.

It can help regulated organizations such as banks, investment firms, asset managers, and broker-dealers manage compliance complexities across their regulated voice interactions. The solution provides a user-friendly interface and automated workflows to help:
  • Enable compliance with records retention, data governance, surveillance, and reporting rules under strict financial trading regulations, such as MiFID II, MAR, the SEA or the Dodd-Frank Act.
  • Accelerate call search, playback, sampling, data categorization, and monitoring.
  • Make call recording assurance and records retrieval data export faster and easier.
  • Facilitate investigations, voice analysis, and case management.

Advanced Data Governance and Analysis for Cloud9

Deployed on premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution, regulated companies can leverage either trading turret client-side or centralized ingestion of trader interactions using a REST API. Based on open API access, Verint can help directly retrieve voice streams and the related metadata from Cloud9 with no additional internal build or set-up needed from the end user. Our solution offers a broad range of compliance capabilities for data management, analysis, data enrichment and retrieval, including:

  • Versatile Data Capture – Offers resilient ingestion of high volumes of voice interactions from across Shout Down, Ring Down, Intercom, Hoot, and PSTN call scenarios while supporting load-balancing and failover options.
  • Robust Data Management – Provides comprehensive features to set up granular policies for records retention while storing data in a single, easily navigable repository for instant search and playback.
  • Cognitive Capabilities – Facilitates voice transcription with Verint and third-party engines, data tagging, and advanced search for rapid data discovery and analysis.
  • Data Intelligence – Provides real-time, customizable dashboards and reporting to give real-time oversight and a “single-pane-of-glass” view of your compliance infrastructure.
  • Compliance Store Integrations – Allows recorded data to be stored on premises or on multiple third-party cloud storage and Write Once Read Many (WORM) archive solutions.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility – Enables interactions to be stored, managed, and analyzed along with data from other UC, trading turret, mobile, and IP telephony environments.
  • Assurance and Data Integrity – Helps ensure data protection with encryption, digital signage, role-based access control, authentication workflows, and other security mechanisms.
  • Open APIs – Makes captured voice records available for external platforms for communications surveillance, trade surveillance analytics, trade reconstruction, regulatory reporting, and eDiscovery.
  • Advanced Metadata – A comprehensive and secure repository of even millions of calls in the system is searchable via parameters such as Call Type, User ID, Firm Name, Audio Quality and more.

Verint Cloud9 Partner to Remove Complexity from Voice Compliance

Designed for Compliant Voice Trading

Our solution offers unified recording of multiple communications environments, a single point of administration, and a centralized view across your entire deployment. It can help you tackle the complexity posed by multiple proprietary systems and reduce the effort and cost associated with ongoing maintenance. It can also help reduce the hardware footprint, technical infrastructure, IT workload, and operating costs associated with compliance recording and data management.

Proven by successful deployments at leading investment firms and financial institutions, the Cloud9 integration is available with named user-based licensing instead of a channel-based approach to support cost efficiency.

Verint & Cloud9 - Connecting the Financial Markets

As we recently announced, Verint and Cloud9 have joined forces to provide the financial services market with a fully compliant, cloud-enabled communications solution to support traders both on the trading floor and remotely, providing necessary flexibility as the industry continues to move to cloud-based platforms and work-from-home environments during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cloud9 Technologies is the leading voice communication and analytics platform designed for the unique needs of the financial markets.  Cloud9 developed a solution that harnesses the voice communication talk path for the trading floor of the future – offering more functionality and analytic insight than legacy hardware at a fraction of the cost. Cloud9 connects counterparties across all asset classes via a cloud-based communication platform that eliminates the infrastructure and expense associated with legacy hardware and telecommunication based solutions, with front-office focused data and transcription, purpose-built for the financial markets.