Integration Description

The Verba platform can record communications of mobile carriers that are using the Centile platform. This way calls made on the Centile platform can be recorded and then retrieved using the Verba unified web interface.

Product Description

Managing enterprise mobility can be a complex, expensive, and frustrating affair. As more and more employees adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work, there is greater demand for access to corporate data, and at the same time, an increased threat to corporate security. MNCs’ expansion plans into different regions also means that they have to negotiate and manage multiple contracts across different providers. Centile Telecom Applications is the European leading developer of unified communications and fixed-mobile convergence platforms for operators and integrators, targeting the enterprise market with value-added user-focused communications services. Centile core convergent platform "Istra" empowers Service Providers and Mobile Operators to deliver advanced PBX and Unified Communications features to enterprises of any size, transparently, via any network and on any terminal including plain old GSM phones Leveraging one of the earliest and most intensive R&D efforts in SIP Technology and Multi-Tenant Multi-Tier enterprise service delivery, Centile provides a robust and proven platform with cutting edge roadmap and innovation that Mobile Network Operators and Service Providers can rely upon to deliver an outstanding enterprise customer experience.