How to Turn Data Into Business Intelligence

Today’s financial services firms must manage communications across multiple digital channels. With more data than ever, how can you make it available for regulators quickly? Can you find the needle in the haystack to avoid compliance fines?

The financial industry struggles to turn unstructured data into real business value


of risk and compliance professionals are considering an investment in speech transcription technology over the next 2 years in their effort to enhance data intelligence.

WBR Insights, 2019

Over 43%

capital market respondents evaluate AI as an enabler of more informed decision-making through advanced data analysis.

WatersTechnology, 2018


rated turning unstructured data into a structured format for analysis, e-discovery and trade reconstruction as a process difficult to cope with.

WBR Insights, 2019

“We’re required to retain petabyes of comms data for varying retention periods, across disparate systems. But when we need to find it again it is like finding a needle in an Everest-sized haystack.”

Retaining all regulated communications is only one side of the compliance equation. Regulators increasingly demand financial institutions and investment firms to have their records readily available as long as required by law. Compliance teams need to facilitate timely and accurate response to audit and compliance requests to reduce risk for their business.

This literally means being able to identify, reconstruct and provide the chain of interactions related to a specific transaction that may have occurred 5 years ago. Under MiFID II, for instance, the scope of interactions is broadened with those voice and electronic communications that might have led to a trade. It’s no surprise that this places severe strain on the capabilities of the compliance solutions in use in many businesses.

“We spend a fortune on sampling calls manually and connecting the dots between large quantities of data. It is preventing our compliance specialists from focusing on more complex, high-value tasks.”

This leads to another critical area in the heavily regulated world of financial services and trading. Knowing what was being said — and by whom — is critical for ensuring compliance. But relying on random sampling, incomplete voice records and unreliable transcripts to detect potential issues can be time-consuming and risky.

The latest AI technology enables businesses to aggregate and make sense of a vast amount of alternative and unstructured data — such as voice streams, transcripts, chat logs and other recorded media — to accurately reconstruct the sequence of trade-related conversations, and surface non-compliant activities. On top of that, extracting accurate voice data from noisy financial services and trading environments in an automated and efficient way is cumbersome and often requires specialist knowledge.

“Our call transcripts are often inaccurate and hard to make sense of as our current system cannot comprehend the nuances of trader-speak. This is negatively impacting our analysts’ efficiency.”

Discovering what was said by before, during or after a trade–either by a broker-dealer on the trading floor, by an equity trader via mobile or by a supporting back-office employee–is vital if the regulator comes knocking. You may have to reconstruct a complete transaction history buried in a large volume of interactions filled with trading and financial jargon. It’s no easy task to decode, especially when traders use multiple active lines via trading turrets to continuously exchange information with colleagues, counterparties and clients.

Not being able to find and extract the data you need from recorded voice conversations can put your trading compliance at serious risk. What’s more, it makes it cumbersome to spot signs of insider trading, market abuse, anti-money laundering and other unethical activities your business should be aware of.

How We Can Help

Verint can help your business tap into the power of artificial intelligence. Verint Financial Compliance helps your business extract value from voice and eComms with innovative speech recognition and voice analytics technology. Gain actionable insights by mining, categorizing, aggregating and analyzing large quantities of communications data.

Delivering data intelligence for the finance industry

Make sense of and aggregate unstructured voice data while accurately reconstructing trade-related conversations and surfacing non-compliant activities. Verint Financial Compliance provides powerful phonetic search, AI-driven speech transcription, and phonetic boosting tailored for financial services environments.

It offers a single search and playback interface and timeline view for all interaction types combined with instant call transcripts, intuitive labeling and case management functionalities. Using Verint, your teams can address complex trade surveillance and data analysis requirements and demonstrate compliance in response to financial regulators’ requests.

Getting to the heart of any trade with speech transcription

Verint brings advanced speech transcription and analytics capabilities for the financial trading industry.  The robust transcription engine can ingest voice streams from trader voice solutions, unified communications platforms, enterprise telephony systems and public mobile networks to help identify key information about quotes and trades. Uniquely designed to interpret the ‘tribal’ languages of the trading floor, Verint provides highly accurate speech-to-text technology, as well as trading-specific insights, categories and metadata.

Run search queries against any transcribed conversation and drill down to the segment of the interaction when the trade occurred, or a key term was used to ease compliance investigations and accelerate trade reconstruction.

Boosting compliance investigations and data analysis

Empower your compliance officers with smart and automated tools to conduct structured investigations. The Verint Financial Compliance platform makes it easier and more secure to assign conversations to and efficiently collaborate on compliance cases. This built-in solution enables users to set up rules to automatically add captured interactions to an existing case folder or to manage legal hold within a specific case scenario.

Verint’s robust case management functionality is enriched by rule-based labelling for automated categorization of recorded communications to boost efficiency and user experience when conducting investigative tasks.

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Phonetic Search

Verint offers advanced transcription and analytics to make sense of unstructured data originating from financial services and trading environments. Enhance data intelligence by transcribing, searching and analyzing interactions to easily reconstruct trade events, spot suspicious activities and provide proof of evidence to the regulator.

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Archive supports all your record-keeping and data management requirements. It offers a sophisticated data governance policy framework for data archival, validation, import, access and security. Its features enable rapid search and playback, data encryption, data export, collaborative case management, and other capabilities for streamlined compliance management.

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Saudi Arabian Bank

“We are very satisfied with the new recording system. Our teams have better and more compliant collaboration across Cisco UC and BT – IP Trade turrets. Verint has helped us to speed up compliance processes, simplify administration and lower maintenance costs for our organisation.”

Senior Technical System Administrator

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