Phil Fry on Financial Risk and Compliance: New Podcast Series by Tom Fox

By September 30, 2019 January 14th, 2020 Resources

This is a special week in Innovation in Compliance, a special edition presented by FCPA Compliance Report and the Compliance Podcast Network, and hosted by renowned author, blogger, and speaker Tom Fox, who is also known as the Compliance Evangelist. Tom has sat down with Phil Fry, VP of Go-to-Market Strategy at Verint, and are releasing a conversation every day about the changes in the financial compliance industry. Listen to all podcast episodes!

The Future of Financial Compliance Podcast Part 1. – Challenging Accepted Wisdom

The first episode of an exclusive 5-part podcast series that runs throughout this week has just been made available. Today’s episode is where they’re giving an overview of everything that’s coming this week, and the principles behind them. Listen now!

The Future of Financial Compliance Podcast Part 2. – Capture

In this second installment of our 5-part compliance podcast series all about Compliance in Finance, Tom Fox is going to be talking with Philip Fry of Verint about the importance of capturing the information necessary to manage risk and compliance in a fast changing world. Listen now!

The Future of Financial Compliance Podcast Part 3. – Control

What does control mean when we’re talking about compliance in finance? And how do you maintain it? That’s what Tom Fox and Philip Fry are talking about in this third installment of the 5-part Compliance and Podcast series on Innovation in Compliance. In this context, control means the tools and strategies we employ to prevent non-compliant actions from taking place or being alerted to them when they do. Listen now!

The Future of Financial Compliance Part 4. – Sustainability

In the previous episode Tom and Phil talked about the tools, strategies and importance of controlling the information its now possible to capture, and in the fourth show they are getting into making that kind of activity sustainable over the long term. Listen now!

The Future of Financial Compliance Part 5. – Oversight

Welcome to the last episode of this compliance podcast series, where Innovation in Compliance host, Tom Fox, talks with Philip Fry, the VP of Go To Market Strategy at Verint. Phil and Tom are talking about oversight – bringing together data and analysis from across an organization. Listen now!

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