Telecom Operators

Verint Verba service provider solutions are used by telecommunications service providers around the world to provide conversation recording services to their subscribers.

Delivering value for Telecom Operators

Conversation recording services delivered from the network

Unified communications services delivered from the network are gaining popularity in all telecom markets. Conversation recording functionality might be adopted by up to 15% of business subscribers depending on pricing. The end-users have access to an easy to use, web-based user interface to play back calls.

Verint Verba for Service Providers

Verint Verba Service Provider Edition is a powerful solution for service providers to increase their profitability by offering high-end IP conversation recording services to their customers at a competitive price with flexible billing options and low TCO. Verint Verba is built on the robust communication recording platform to offer multiple, full-featured recording systems, or “Virtual Environment” (VE), on a single platform that are easy to manage and are independent with secured data access and separation. Verint Verba Service Provider Edition is ideal for VoIP service providers, shared customer contact centers and for larger enterprises as well.

Verint Verba Service Provider Edition offers a deployment model whereby a service provider or enterprise can “host and manage” conversation recorders for many tenants on a non-dedicated, shared infrastructure. Usually, the same service provider hosts and operates the underlying VoIP infrastructure for the tenants as well. Each Virtual Environment is created by the service provider within the Verint Verba Service Provider Edition solution. The service provider can configure the Virtual Environment by specifying which IP end-points (extensions) can have call recording, the recording modes and options together with the allowed administration authority for the tenant. Verint Verba ensures that the service provider can keep control while delegating certain administrative functions to the tenant.

Cost-efficient multitenancy

Verint Verba provides telecom service providers with a cost-effective multi-tenant deployment model. With a multi-tenant system, the operator deploys only one recording system, but the user interface and the database backend is designed to completely separate customers hosted on the same server.

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