Consumer Goods and Retail

Verint Verba runs collaboration compliance solutions for companies in the consumer goods and retail sector in many countries. Our solutions provide seamless recording without increasing the complexity of operations on multiple platforms supporting voice calls, video conversations or instant messaging.

Delivering value for the Consumer Goods and Retail industry

Quality Assurance

The goal of our clients in this vertical is to increase service quality in customer-facing services. Adding omnichannel communication recording to your operations is a natural enhancement of the business process.

Record not only voice calls, but all communication sources. This ever-increasing list ensures your ability to capture your corporate communications and customer interactions with a single unified platform. Whether you’re a small business or a multi-site retail company, Verint Verba offers a reliable collaboration compliance and quality management system that is packed with flexible, innovative tools to define and manage your current and future recording needs.

Regardless of the channel or the device, Verint Verba provides everything your business needs to meet performance and service quality objectives. Consumer goods and retail companies can leverage our recording solution in key business applications such as quality assurance, risk mitigation, verbal agreement archiving, conference recording, dispute resolution, and more.

Make sense of your recordings

The Verint Verba recording solution provides simple and open programming interfaces that allow our customers to integrate call recording into their consumer goods and retail business.

Either your retail business wants to detect emerging trends or run a compliance investigation, being able to capture business intelligence from a vast amount of recorded interactions with speed gives your business unmatched strategic advantage while saving time and resources. Using Phonetic Speech Search and next-generation Speech Transcription provides your business with the best of both worlds. Unlock this powerful but affordable technology for improved insights.

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