Many local authorities and municipalities leverage Verint Verba’s collaboration compliance capabilities. Our recording technology is successfully used in liability and legal compliance applications worldwide.

Delivering value for Municipalities

Protecting officials from phone threats

Threats against government officials and politicians both on country, state and local levels induce an unhealthy work environment for those threatened, besides the fact that such threats constitute a crime. Statistics show that officials in the police and in social departments have the highest exposure to threats from citizens. Governmental organizations use conversation recording as a tool to fight threats against officials and politicians over the phone.

Verint Verba captures communications on a network-level and is able to safely store it through our various WORM and compliance storage integrations. Government organizations can use recorded interactions for legal protection purposes, and access is protected by multiple security measures, such as four eyes policy, role-based access control and encryption.

Enhancing law enforcement

For a long time call recording have been a legally approved and regulated a part of law enforcement policies. Police departments, tax agencies and other organizations with law enforcement rights use call recording as a way to document investigations and lawfully collect evidence.

Remote witnessing

As a new trend in the legal system of many countries, legal witnessing can provide tremendous cost-savings for both the legal system and citizens. Voice or video-based remote witnessing require secure systems that allow well-regulated access to recorded testimony. Verint Verba’s flexible recording solution is a perfect match with this high-demand environment.

Proactive compliance across your internal communications

Your organization can easily monitor and regulate internal information exchange, whether via phone, video conference, IM and other channels, to ensure full transparency and accountability by using the Verint Verba platform. Real-time communication governance to avoid conflicts of interest, information leaks and ethical integrity issues. Our presence blocking feature allows controlling the visibility of your key personnel and government officials while preventing them from receiving unintended contacts and communications.

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