Verint Verba helps media organizations like news agencies, television stations, newspapers, and others to record phone calls for various purposes.

Delivering value for Media companies

Verint Verba offers an optimal solution for documenting and archiving investigations and interviews whilst meeting the regulatory requirements. By using Verint Verba, employers can protect their journalists from threats when it comes to recording phone interviews from the phone, laptop or mobile devices. To add more benefits the recordings can be accessed from a secured protected repository any time.

Separating editorial and advertising arms

Additionally, the Ethical Wall solution allows media companies to avoid conflicts of interest by blocking/filtering any mode of communications between editorial and advertising arms.

Digital dictaphone reinvented

Any mobile or desk phone endpoint becomes a dictaphone or digital voice recorder by using Verint Verba. Since dictations are recorded centrally and immediately get stored in a centralized archive where a text version is available by using speech-to-text APIs, turnaround times for external or in-house usage can be dramatically reduced. Besides, having an integrated repository to store digital dictations is a great advantage for many media organizations.

When Verint Verba is used as conversation recording and dictation platforms all media gets stored in a single unified, easily searchable media repository. The integrated speech transcription engine provides a text version of any voice-based recording in a matter of seconds. The built-in web application allows you to execute simple business processes that effectively manage your transcription needs.

More efficient contact center operations

The largest contact centers in media organizations work with subscription and ad sales and management. As for any other contact center, Verint Verba solutions provide a quality management framework that helps to call center management and supervisors to improve the customer experience based on measured facts.

Recording phone interviews 

Verint Verba is your ultimate solution to document investigations, record phone interviews from any device and access all your phone interviews in a secured manner from your desired storage target. At the same time, we provide the best platform to protect your journalists in case someone threatens them.

Using Verint Verba, you can start using your phones and phone system to record phone interviews at any time from any device, while having a secure, searchable central repository of all interviews ever created. The only equipment necessary for phone interview recording using Verint Verba is your phone, whether it is a mobile phone, a softphone or desktop phone. No separate telephone interview recording device is needed. Interview are made seamlessly and are stored centrally.

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