Verint Verba offers solutions to help manufacturers deploy robust and affordable conversation recording and quality management systems to resolve potential disputes, document verbal contracts and improve contact center performance. Verint Verba is also optimal for sales training to increase performance and revenue.

Delivering value for the Manufacturing industry

Service improvement in focus

Provision of top level customer service is not only a priority but is a distinct advantage over other competitors, therefore, Verint Verba Improve helps its clients to improve and expand their services. Verint Verba offers the most comprehensive toolset for manufacturers to train their agents and improve their performance, thus optimize their workforce, increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Improve your sales force with best practice training

In the manufacturing industry, sales force sells fairly standard products and services in its sector and have more or less the same market and customer opportunities. Yet there is significant variation in the results of individual representatives. Recording calls of the top performing sales people on a vvoluntary basis and presenting them to your whole sales team is a way to appreciate good results and spread best practice.

The team leaders of the sales departments can use the Verint Verba to select recorded best practice calls and share them with comments to the different sales teams in the organization. A weekly or bi-weekly training session can be automated for all sales representatives, where they can listen to best practice and learn from comments from an expert.

Dispute resolution

Manufacturing businesses are in the need of a configurable conversation recording solution to capture all pre- and post-order transaction calls for order and dispute resolution. Verint Verba’s communication recording solution can capture and archive these incoming calls. Recordings can be easily searched for replay and shared with customers for order dispute resolution purposes — to find out who said what, what exactly was ordered or what was committed.

Capturing and documenting verbal contracts

Documenting your verbal customer contacts will allow you to search for spoken words in your call database, and enabling you to voice-mine your massive collection of recorded calls to extract important market information from your customer relations. Your voice contracts should always be available for immediate retrieval even if your team is doing thousands of voice contracts weekly or daily.

Verint Verba can record all calls silently or record only the agreement part of a call and store it, while proactively adding optional smart labels to them. By using automated or manual labeling rules, your business can accelerate electronic discovery. This way the solution can help you execute your dispute resolution policies based on facts.

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