Law Enforcement and Security

Verint Verba solutions are used by security and emergency services and command centers around the world. Our recording system is used by some of largest multinational security organizations.

Delivering value for Law Enforcement and Security

Frictionless recording for emergency services

Verint Verba is commonly used by emergency services, traffic control, law enforcement and security firms to ensure reliable, frictionless conversation recording for control rooms and contact centers and thus meet regulatory requirements and improve the level of service they provide for citizens. Our collaboration compliance and quality management capabilities help to protect national security, prevent or detect crime, reconstruct events, gather evidence and support criminal investigations.

Recording security alarm centers

Alarm centers in large security organizations handle millions of calls yearly. Our solutions help our security customers to record and keep this large amount of data safely and securely.

Precise reconstruction of events

By using the Verint Verba solution, the reconstruction of events and providing law enforcement the necessary call recording evidence is a simple process that typically takes minutes instead of hours.

Recorded testimonies in legal compliance

Remote witnessing solutions facilitate witnesses to provide evidence from a remote site via CCTV a video conferencing of telepresence session. High quality and secure recording is a vital requirement.

Capture remote witness testimonies

Verint Verba provides seamless, high-performance video communication recording capabilities. From smaller video phones to high-end telepresence rooms the Verint Verba solution provides the necessary documentation tools required by the legal system. All recordings are encrypted and digitally signed using mathematically proven cryptographic algorithms. All access to the recordings is audited.

Smart and rapid electronic discovery

Phonetic indexing, automatic categorization and speech transcription allow in-depth analysis of nearly all electronic communications emergency response teams and control rooms have regarding emergency events and incidents. Uncover trends, identify recurring issues and support compliance-related applications with automatic labeling and advanced speech analytics integrated with the Verint Verba platform.

Improve incident response efficiency

Evaluate incident response efficiency, identify best practices and training needs, spot service anomalies and optimize resource allocation by using leveraging improved quality management capabilities. Verint Verba empowers your supervisors, managers and administrators with rapid agent evaluation and scoring, real-time monitoring and policy control, conversation and screen capturing, enterprise-level reporting and intuitive dashboards.

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