Verint Verba conversation recording and telemedicine solutions are used by hospitals and health-related call center operations all around the world.

Delivering value for the Healthcare sector

Conversation recording and communication governance is vital for high-quality healthcare

Verint Verba is widely used in the healthcare sector for recording emergency calls so that the emergency team can listen to them immediately. Our solution allows institutions to legally protect doctors working on the telephone hotlines and prove that their call center did not give out false medical information.

Healthcare service providers are regulated by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act) in terms of information security and privacy of patient information. Verint Verba customers use call recording in their compliance framework.

Call recording protects both the public and the health expert

A great number of non-profit health and social care organizations and pharmaceutical companies run hotlines supporting their products. During interactions on these lines doctors, pharmacist, psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals get involved in situations where important advice needs to be given over the telephone to avoid and prevent serious health problems. It is the duty of these organizations and enterprises to protect their professionals in litigation.


Healthcare organizations are increasingly offering online access to doctors, specialists, and nurses in many hospitals and offsite clinics via telemedicine. Voice and video services enable these professionals to see and evaluate symptoms, make a diagnosis and provide health plans for individuals who otherwise would not have access to the most skilled medical experts.

Ensuring HIPAA and HITECH compliance

Healthcare organizations are in need of a highly secure and configurable call recording solution to record all IM/Chat conversations for HIPAA compliance with regard to safe storage and distribution of patient medical information electronically or the sharing of personal health information (PHI) and/or personal health records (PHR).

Verint Verba’s highly secure and configurable collaboration compliance solution can capture these IM conversations, with the additional capability to inject IM disclaimers, as appropriate. Furthermore, specific communication and content policies can be enforced consisting of session blocking (only the clinical teams can share personal health information amongst themselves) as well as multiple content policies containing specific regex filters and filenames that relate to blocking PHI/PHR information externally or for specific internal employees.

Additionally, policy whispering (notifications sent to compliance personnel) can be used to ensure policy consistency, and in cases where specific voice recorded users need to be recorded between internal case managers and insurance companies.

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