Demand for training and education services offered through online streaming, live video, and downloadable seminars is growing. High-quality telelearning offers higher education institutions and training organizations a new and rapidly growing revenue opportunity.

Delivering value for Education

Recording university contact centers

Contact centers in academic institutions are serving teachers, students, staff and the public with vital services. Ensuring high service quality and reduced costs in these call centers is as important as in any other call center. The Verint Verba call center quality assurance solution is used by leading universities and schools to keep their call center run smoothly.

Threat Management

Educational institutions need a secure and configurable call recording solution to record all disgruntled callers, and caller threats (bomb scares, etc.) for risk and liability mitigation and overall retention.
Verint Verba can not only capture these incoming calls, but the recordings can be easily searched for replay, actionable insights into call detail record (metadata) for further analysis and legal use.


Verint Verba provides the ultimate recording and archival solution for online streaming, live video, conferences, webinars, downloadable seminars, whiteboarding sessions and alike. Educational institutions of all types can increase their revenue by providing high-quality recording of all these media types.

Documented student coaching services

Universities around the world have a vested financial interest in keeping their students on track. Institutions that outsource student coaching functions sometimes record calls between the service and their students to be able to protect them and monitor the quality of the coaching services. Call recording is used under strict supervision and is regulated by privacy policy frameworks in the world of education. Verint Verba helps enforce privacy frameworks through rigorous access control and security.

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