Call Center Recording for Communication Compliance

With hundreds of thousands of new contact center seats being added every year around the world, the contact center industry is growing with no sign of a slowdown. As customer care centers and contact center projects get larger, maintaining high-quality customer communications becomes a challenge.

Delivering value for Contact Centers

Verint Verba solutions are deployed at contact centers of different sizes all around the world. Our customers are using our software-based technology to improve customer experience, reduce costs and optimize business processes, elevate first contact resolution (FCR) rates. Verint Verba has been successfully engaging with contact centers providing reliable collaboration recording for actionable insights as well as regulatory compliance and capturing multiple media streams beyond traditional voice-based interactions, including agent IM, video and more.

Enforce communication and content policies

Our Ethical Wall solution offers a proactive approach to define their communication and content policies to enforce security measures for desk level procedures, in addition to specific corporate policies on communication standards, conduct, profanity and much more.

Recording for actionable insights

If you would like to know whether your operators mention up-selling options in their calls, or want to know and analyze what your customers had said to uncover important trends and gain actionable insights, then Verint Verba is the solution for you. Our system is perfect to demonstrate best practice scenarios, improve contact center quality through a structured quality assurance process or help in resolving disputes and customer complaints.

Contact center quality assurance

Using Verint Verba, you will find technical solutions that allow you to replay calls for evaluation and see the screen of your operator to analyze how your software tools were used during a phone call. Call and screen analysis closes the quality loop in your contact center, allowing you to plan more effective operator training and optimize your resource allocation.

Train your sales force with best practice

Even if your sales force sells fairly standard products and services, have more or less the same market and customer opportunities, there might be a significant difference between the results of the individual sales representatives. Recording calls of your top performing salespeople on a voluntary basis and presenting them to your whole sales team is a great way to appreciate good results and spread best practice.

Verint Verba for contact center training

Call center supervisors can use the Verint Verba Recording System to select recorded best practice calls and share them with comments to any group in the organization. A weekly training session can be automated for all call center operators, where they can listen to best practice and learn from comments from an expert.

PCI DSS compliance for Contact Centers

Whether you’re capturing voice, video, instant messaging, or desktop screens, the Verint Verba platform ensures PCI DSS compliance for credit card companies, contact centers and other businesses that process card payments through a set of secure and easily manageable features, from audit logs and encryption to selective recording and content policies. All of this and more, to help your business prevent fraud while avoiding reputational damage, non-compliance fines, and data breach costs.

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Delivering value for Market Research companies

ISO 20525 compliance and market research recording

Verint Verba helps market research organizations to comply with industry standards through the use of call and media recording while simplifying quality assurance on any phone or video interview.

The built-in compression and sampling technologies in Verint Verba simplify to run quality assurance on at least 5% of the phone interviews as required by the standard. Using Verint Verba, your business can combine voice and interviewer screen recording, while providing a direct playback for each and every question and answer, dramatically accelerating quality assurance.

Quality control and speech analytics for telephone research

Our quality assurance workflow solutions make Verint Verba a unique and efficient asset in telephone research. Our system provides a rapid and cost-efficient way to assure conversation recording quality and improve research efficiency. Recorded interactions can be captured, stored and analyzed on demand, to spot trends, customer sentiment and consumer preferences.

Phonetic indexing and speech transcription allows rapid speech analysis to uncover valuable insights from multitudes of recorded conversations.

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