Collaboration Compliance with Verba 8

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Verba 8 Gearing UpThe release of Verba 8 is just around the corner. With this release, we turn our Verba Recording System, which captures voice, video and instant messages, into a fully fledged compliance solution for regulated industries.

This post is part of our Gearing up for Verba 8 series.

The Verba Collaboration Compliance framework

Can you afford to record only part of your real-time communications? Working with leading finance and government organizations in the last 10 years, we have developed a full suite of compliance solutions that directly support the entire Cisco and Lync Collaboration portfolio, and not only voice, but IM and video as well.

The Verba Recording System provides a software-defined compliance solution from Real-time Policy Enforcement to Long Term Archiving, all fitting into a six phase compliance framework. In parallel with the six phases, a strong underlying security focus is also present in everything we do.

Verba collaboration compliance

We call this integrated, software-defined approach Collaboration Compliance.

Let’s take a look at a couple of highlights from each area, that shows how Verba helps your compliance team.

Phase 1 – Enforce

Active Directory integrated recording policies and custom recording triggers make sure you record everything you need, but not more. Our PCI-DSS support gives you the ability to block certain parts of conversations, e.g. credit card numbers.

In Verba 8 a new integrated Ethical Wall solution helps you enforce compliance policies in your organization, through session blocking, IM filtering and redaction. (Note: Verba 8.0 includes our first private beta ethical wall solution, general availability of ethical wall is expected in 8.0 Update 3, released at the end of Q1 2015.)

Phase 2 – Record

Our recording solution supports many ways to record IM, voice, video and desktop screens:

  • complete solution for Lync (IM, voice, video, desktop screens)
  • complete solution for Cisco (IM, voice, video, desktop screens)
  • standard SIP recording
  • SIPRec recording
  • and many more

In Verba 8 we are extending both our Cisco and Lync solutions with exciting new recording technologies and a lot of stability and performance improvements.

Phase 3 – Enrich

Enrich calls with contact center and other external business information using Verba integrations and APIs. Besides automated data enrichment, Verba users can also add additional information using manual annotations and markers through our phone, desktop and web apps.

In Verba 8, we have added integration options with new contact center solutions like Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (Cisco), Geomant Contact Expert (Lync), Mitel MiContact Center for Lync – formerly PrairieFyer (Lync), Luware LUCS (Lync), Aspect Contact Center (Lync), Zeacom Contact Center (Lync)

Phase 4 – Analyze

To gather intelligence from millions of recorded calls you can use our web app for search and replay, alongside with a scorecard solution for quality management. The platform provides scalable full-text IM search, phonetic search and voice analytics.

In Verba 8 we are adding an automatic labeling facility, that can be used to automatically categorize recordings. In addition, Verba 8 also provides a mobile friendly web interface.

Phase 5 – Use

The result of powerful analysis can be used in multiple ways, either for quality management or in legal compliance processes. Our protect functionality is able to hold calls indefinitely in the system if needed for e.g. legal hold, no matter what data retention policies are defined.

In Verba 8 we are introducing Advanced Legal Hold. New and archived conversations can be analyzed and added to legal hold, not just one-by-one, but hundreds of thousands at a time based on complex filtering criteria (including speech search results if needed). The system also provides a legal hold workflow, that can mandates approvals. You will find further information in our Legal Hold the way you always wanted post.

Phase 6 – Archive

Our automated archiving solution is one of the most flexible ones in the call recording industry using a combination of local disks, SAN, NAS and providing a virtualized storage concept that allows you to change underlying storage technology, without affecting users. This makes sure your data center infrastructure can evolve without major impact on the recording solution.

In Verba 8 we are adding integration capabilities with external storages like IBM TSM, NetApp SnapLock, EMC Centera and EMC Isilon SmartLock.

Security aspects

The security aspect is weaved into all parts of the solution, end-to-end. Here are some highlights:

Encryption and Digital Signatures

The solution provides RSA-based encryption technology, where recordings are written to disk in an already encrypted format, an important added security measure. From that point on, every channel the recording goes through is also encrypted by SSL (over TCP or using HTTPS). Conversations are also digitally signed. The playback interface can verify the integrity of the recording before playback. The Verba system provides complete life-cycle management for both encryption and digital signing keys.

In Verba 8 recordings can be directly uploaded to compliance stores, to reduce the number of hops the sensitive recording travels.

Identity Management

Everyone accessing the system must have an authenticated user. Verba supports Active Directory synchronization (in fact synchronization with multiple ADs if needed). Different sets of users can be imported with different permissions. Single Sign-On ensures password hashes are not stored in Verba, if it is against your policies.

In Verba 8, Active Directory synchronization can also sync group membership data to Verba, that allows even more flexibility.

Role-based Access Control

In previous Verba versions each user had their own permission sets, which allowed granular control over what actions are available and who can view what in the system.

In Verba 8, we are extending this with Roles. Multiple roles can be assigned to each user (even automatically using Active Directory sync) and each role consists of more than 30 administrative and more than 20 end-user rights.


Every action taken in the system is stored in a searchable audit log.

In Verba 8 it is possible to regularly transfer compressed copies of the audit log to compliance stores for long term, even more protected storage.

A single platform for Unified Communications compliance

With a complete collaboration compliance solution from Verba, you can confidently adhere to regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank by enforcing rules and recording all relevant UC sessions. We put a lot of effort and more than fifteen years of experience working with highly regulated customers around the world. We can say, our solution not only records conversations, but provides peace of mind and convenience for the entire compliance team.

Note! While most new functions are available as of release date, some of the new Verba 8 functions are released as private beta for select customers.

If you are interested in Verba 8, you can contact one of our experts.