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Cisco UCCX Integration with Verba

By April 2, 2014 August 3rd, 2017 No Comments

Cisco logoFor contact centers to operate effectively it is essential to monitor and measure the productivity of agents. This week we would like to highlight how the Verba Recording System provides deep integration with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) to enrich your recorded customer interactions.

Verba and Cisco UCCX

Cisco recommends the UCCX solution for mid-market, enterprise branches and corporate departments up to 3-400 agents. At any size above 10-20 our customers you start to feel the need for a structured quality assurance process to ensure high customer service levels.

While UCCX provides reporting and a comprehensive statistics, recording is vital for a successful quality management process. However your recordings without precise contact center information are very hard to navigate. You need integration with your contact center.

Enriching call details based on Cisco UCCX

In the Verba Recording System, Cisco UCCX Cisco integration comes built-in without extra charges. While recording calls and optionally your agent’s screens, it will talk to your contact center and collect additional information about each phone call.

Based on that data you get additional functionality in Verba:

  • Dialed number searches – search for customer calls that came through a specific phone number into your contact center
  • Contact center queue-based QM projects – you can automatically add all calls coming from a queue to a certain quality management project
  • Identifying calls of an agent – you can focus on the calls of a certain agent, you will know their identity regardless of where they are placed in the contact center
  • Search in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) input – additional customer information collected from IVR are available (think customer IDs and zip codes, etc.)

You will generally get more insight into the history of your recorded calls.

Cisco UCCX data in Verba

Let’s see how it looks like within Verba. When retrieving call data via the Verba Recording System, users can conduct searches and filter QM projects based on UCCX fields’ values:

Cisco UCCX metadata search

UCCX fields can be added to the search results. Here is a customized list:

Cisco UCCX metadata listing

You can see all UCCX details on the call detail screen:

Cisco UCCX call details

If you would like to try our our Cisco UCCX integration, contact one of our experts.