Cisco MediaSense integration

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Cisco MediaSenseIn the summer of 2012, our team added support for Cisco’s new MediaSense product. We call it the Verba Cisco MediaSense Connector. MediaSense is a great new way to record audio calls in a Cisco Unified Communication network.

Most recording projects will typically use Cisco MediaSense in concert with an another recording product such as ours. Since MediaSense is a media capture solution, it lacks enterprise-level access control, media life-cycle management, scalability and other advanced features like PCI-DSS, screen capturing and more.

[insetright title=”The Verba Solution”]From an end-user perspective there is little difference between using our Verba recording engines or collecting calls from Cisco MediaSense.[/insetright]

Note that Cisco MediaSense requires extra hardware and licenses, which might increase the total cost of your solution. However, one situation where MediaSense is useful is when multiple solutions need access to the same recorded media. In that case, MediaSense can be a great integration hub for those applications.

Silent monitoring is not currently supported in Verba in deployments with MediaSense.

Getting started with Verba and Cisco MediaSense

Take a look at the MediaSense related articles in our knowledge base:

We have been piloting this at selected customers since the summer and it has become a standard part of our regression test lab. The Verba-MediaSense integration is officially available for all our customers in Verba 7 as a platform feature for no extra charge.