Capture – Redefining Unified Communications Recording

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This post of the Verint Verba 9 release series uncovers Verint Verba Capture, the reliable compliance recording component that is packed with flexible, innovative tools to define and manage your current and future recording needs.

Multimodal recording – record any channel seamlessly

You can record not only voice calls but all communication sources including instant messages (IM), video, desktop screens, application and content sharing, whiteboarding, Q&A, and polls. This ever-increasing list ensures your ability to capture your corporate communications and customer interactions with a single unified platform. Since the solution is cross-platform compatible with leading Unified Communications (UC) environments – Cisco, Skype for Business, Avaya, Broadsoft, and more – it adds significant value and functionality to your existing UC deployment. With a server-side, tamper-proof, high-performance recording solution like Verint Verba, your business will be empowered to capture a lot more conversations than ever before.

We have compiled an inexhaustive list of the wide array of communication modalities and media types Verint Verba Capture is able to record.

Voice recording

Built on our award-winning recording system, the solution provides enterprise-wide voice recording for any nominated user in your organization on the server side. Recording modes can be always-on, selective, or on-demand, making it easy to define and manage all your business recording needs. Verint Verba can monitor conversations unobtrusively so that there’s no interference with call performance and absolutely no impact on the caller experience.

Instant Message (IM) recording

Verint Verba Capture is an integrated solution to instant messaging and persistent IM chat on a single recording platform. Our solution provides a unified search experience, where IM conversations are presented in the same view as your voice and video calls. The solution stores the entire clear text / rich text or HTML formatted conversation for complete session recall, at the same time providing lightning-fast search capabilities for instant messages. We currently support Cisco Jabber and Skype for Business.

Screen, Application and Content Share recording

We offer a unique compliance recording solution for screen sharing sessions and meetings in Skype for Business. Screen and Application Sharing is recorded as video, it is fully synchronized with the corresponding audio during the conversation, supporting all internal, external and conference call scenarios.

Besides screen information, you can use Verint Verba Capture to capture content sharing by gathering Whiteboard, Polls, Q&A or P2P file transfer data from Lync/Skype for Business archives, providing you with a repository of all information related to a meeting.

Desktop Screen recording

By using the desktop screen recording function of Verint Verba Capture, you are now able to monitor and evaluate agent performance by recording the content of the agent’s desktop screen during customer interactions. The lightweight screen capture agent module is installed on the agent computer, and it automatically records the screen activity during the agent’s calls. Administrators can simply apply common settings for all agent computers with a click of a button, through a configuration profile on the web-based management interface.

Video Call and Conference recording

We introduce a completely new approach to video call and video conference recording in the very same way as with traditional voice recording. Our features are entirely built on top of the core voice call recording system, allowing automatic, full and always on recording scenarios without the need to manually trigger the recording from the endpoint or without consuming relevant MCU and network bandwidth resources. The system provides a conference-based approach for an added user convenience.

Mobile recording

Our solution seamlessly integrates with public mobile networks and enterprise communications platforms (Elisa, Truphone, Singtel, Tango Luxembourg, Tango Networks among others in a growing set of providers) to record all incoming and outgoing calls.

This avoids the need for handset installed applications or other inconvenient services, that can cause connection delays, call-quality degradation or generate compliance issues due to the option to manually enable and disable the recording on the end user’s side.

Turret / Trade Floor recording

Lastly, Verint Verba Capture supports industry-leading trader turrets and other trading floor communications platforms, among others IPC, IP Trade, Speakerbus, and Cloud9. This module is optimized for multi-site operations, characterized by high availability, enterprise management, and security features — providing a truly high-end collaboration compliance solution at a competitive price.

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