Announcing Verint Verba 9.1


Today we are announcing the capabilities of our upcoming Verint Verba 9.1 release, the first significant update since our recent major milestone, Verint Verba 9.0. With 9.1, we bring new dashboards, data loss prevention capabilities, improvements and fixes, alongside integrations with ecosystem partners and significant platform-wide features.

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Closing the Gap for Cisco Jabber mobile recording


Back in 2013 Cisco announced a new range of Collaboration Edge products including Cisco Expressway. Many customers started using Mobile and Remote Access (MRA) via Expressway in the last 12-18 months, it started to get significant traction and there is a lot of buzz around it. This post discusses how MRA interacts with your recording and how Verba…

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Get a Verba Quote in 5 minutes

Trends and thoughts

Verba welcomes its customers and partners to try our new online Get a Quote tool. You will get the right quote at the right time with only a few clicks. This is part of our efforts to simplify the life of our customers and partners.

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Lync recording redundancy in Verba 8

Features, Lync

A new high availability model has been implemented in Verba 8. You are able to separate media collection from actual recording, so you can build a two layer, scalable and redundant recording system. It is a perfect Microsoft Lync recording redundancy solution, however it also provides improved HA capabilities for all our standard passive and SIP recording solutions. Here is a…

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Add recording features to your Cisco Jabber client

Cisco, Features

The new small form factor variant (mobile optimized) of the web interface in Verba can be embedded into a custom tab in the Cisco Jabber desktop clients, where it provides additional Jabber specific recording functionality right where you work. Custom Embedded Tab in the Cisco Jabber Client The Verba compliance recording system directly supports Cisco Jabber Custom…

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Mobile web interface in Verba 8

Cisco, Features, Lync

In Verba 8, we are adding a mobile optimized web interface, that let’s you search and replay recorded conversations and control on-demand recording from your smartphone. The new interface not only supports browsers on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone, but due to its new form factor and special integration features – it can also be embedded into…

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