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Communication recording for compliance and quality management purposes has become widespread. But what about the quality? And how to make sure that your recording solution works properly? Find out how Verint Verba Assure tackles recording assessment and voice quality assurance.

In this episode of our Elements of Compliance series, we would like to briefly highlight Verint Verba Assure, our recording assessment and voice quality assurance module.

Recording assessment made simple

Tightening requirements in the financial services and other heavily regulated market verticals dictate regular and ad-hoc assessment of adherence to recording procedures by assuring the adequacy of such mechanisms in place. By doing so, your business must provide proof that all relevant communications are captured and are readily accessible to accurately reconstruct the audit trail of a financial transaction or the course of events during a customer interaction.

Verint Verba Assure helps you comply with such regulatory demands by enabling your team to check recording quality and verify if all recordable conversations have been recorded correctly to eliminate the risks associated with network bottlenecks, server issues and processing anomalies. This element of our modular enterprise compliance platform includes the following features:

  • CDR Reconciliation
  • Voice Quality Check
  • Talkover detection
  • Silence detection

Assure recording integrity

Conversation Detail Records (CDR) Reconciliation automatically imports conversation records from the CDR database and matches them with the recordings. This feature lets you locate every conversation — recorded or not — by comparing Verint Verba and the telephony platform database, also reporting potential issues via the reporting framework.

In highly regulated industries with strict communication recording and record-keeping demands, implementing Verint Verba’s reliable and complete CDR reconciliation solution for recording assessment is a must-have — no matter what the nature, size and complexity of your organization.

Save time on detecting irregularities

Voice Quality Check provides businesses with a low-cost solution for conducting efficient quality assurance of their recorded audio and video conversations. Verint Verba Assure helps your team automatically verify audio on all conversations and detect quality issues on the go to identify noise, garbled voice and other artifacts.

Ensure high-quality recordings by sending notifications, spot network bottlenecks, server issues and processing anomalies, and enable recording analysts to work more efficiently by verifying all your recordings in real time.

Enable frictionless communications

Recognizing those agents that frequently pause or talk-over customers enables you to provide them with additional training and support to improve their performance and productivity and solve customer issues more swiftly and efficiently.

Talkover detection identifies and marks parts of conversations where the agent and the customer talk simultaneously, while Silence detection does the opposite, showing recordings with overly long pauses between conversation segments. Whether its due to agent skill or network latency issues, you can ensure that recorded conversations meet your quality standards.

Engineered for improved business results

By using Verint Verba Assure, we provide your business with reliable, scalable and fine-grained recording assessment and voice quality assurance mechanisms to verify that your recording process is working flawlessly and all regulated users are recorded across multiple communication channels and modalities.

Complementing our data archiving foundation (Verint Verba Archive), Verint Verba Assure offers the right tools to help organizations better manage risk and liability, confidently meet strict compliance demands and drive significant improvements in quality assurance.

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