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Are you living on the Collaboration Edge?

By November 7, 2013 August 3rd, 2017 No Comments

Cisco logoRecently at the Collaboration Summit in Boca Raton, Florida, Cisco announced a range of new Collaboration Edge products that will make collaboration between internal and external parties in an organization even more seamless. Our team was there promoting our new Collaboration Recording strategy.

External communications that had to be recorded for compliance reasons are now shifting completely to a next generation borderless UC infrastructure, where the concept of inside and outside of the organization becomes a more and more blurred and virtual line. Let’s look at the new Cisco collaboration products and how Verba helps you stay compliant using these products.

The new Collaboration Edge from Cisco

As part of the Cisco’s Collaboration Edge Architecture, solutions are now added that use Transport Layer Security to help secure unified communications outside the borders of the company and work with Cisco product families like Jabber and TelePresence.

  • Cisco Expressway – a new gateway that will allow IT teams to extend Unified Communications tools to beyond traditional company boundaries – to mobile and homeworkers, for example. No VPN (Virtual Private Network) , or password or device registration is required. Expressway will be available in December.
  • Jabber Guest – plugs into Expressway and enables companies to extend secure, controlled access to enterprise collaboration tools to third parties: Contractors, partners, customers and so forth.
  • Intelligent Proximity – this will enable employees to link their mobile phones with their desk phones, so that they can switch call already in progress between the two, as well as export contacts and call histories from their mobiles onto their desk phone.

Collaboration Edge raises the Compliance bar

The new Cisco Expressway and Cisco Jabber Guest products are a great opportunity to extend collaboration to parties outside the border of an organization.  However, this leads to a change in your legal compliance environment.

Where do you record calls and in general the UC communications? What is inside? What is outside the organization? At Verba, the answer to this question is in our suite of recording technologies, that can be applied to many different architectures and scenarios:

  • active and passive device recording solutions,
  • integration with Cisco Unified Presence for IM recording,
  • connection to MediaSense,
  • direct recording interface towards Cisco gateways and border elements, like CUBE,
  • video and telepresence recording capabilities

These are all pieces of a complete Collaboration Recording solution for borderless UC networks.

Stay compliant with Collaboration Recording

Let’s take the example of the new Intelligent Proximity scenarios, that will encourage users to use mobile and desk phones seamlessly together. How do you record those with a legacy TDM or a simple solution from a traditional VoIP recorder vendor?

The first phone to support it is the Android-based Cisco DX650 desk phone, which Verba can record using our centralized call recording technology. Verba solution will record mobile call legs using streams from Cisco gateways or the CUBE, it can record desktop call legs from the phone device, so all streams will be covered one way or the other using one of the recording engines in our product. If instant messages are also sent during the communication session those will be captured using our CUPS integration. Escalating into a video conversation? With the new video forking feature, we can also just pick it up from the CUBE solution.

When you introduce the Collaboration Edge, there is no way back, you will need a Collaboration Recording solution to stay compliant.

Over the last 12 years, our team has been closely following the Cisco development roadmap before the official product announcements and we are constantly testing new technologies in our lab. For further information, please contact one of our experts today.