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Announcing Verba 8.6

By February 12, 2016 August 3rd, 2017 No Comments

Verba 8 Gearing UpThis version includes more than 130 improvements and fixes since our 8.5 release back in October. We are introducing new recording modes, improved manageability and enhanced archiving capabilities.

Besides these, our Ethical Wall capabilities have also reached general availability (GA) in this release.

Key new features in 8.6

Verba 8.6 provides a couple of key new technologies.

Ethical Wall (general availability)

Today, we are announcing the general availability of our Ethical Wall capabilities, integrated with the rest of the Verba Collaboration Compliance platform. This marks the end of “after the fact” compliance.

New recording modes

  • New two-tier recording model for Cisco UC – This new solution pushes our reliability and scalability design a step further for Cisco Unified Communications. Deploying separate Recording Director and Media Recorder components, you can now implement more advanced load balancing and fail-over scenarios.
  • New two-tier recording model for IP Trade turrets – Our new two-tier recording architecture is also introduced for IP Trade turrets.
  • Persistent chat recording for Lync/SfB – Before this release, persistent chat rooms were not recorded on SfB, but now it is possible. You can search for content within and across rooms, and create alerts (notifications) and filters (topic feeds) to track conversations in particular rooms and about specific topics.

Improved Manageability

  • Sync Group Hierarchies from Active Directory – Previously, users belonged to one group. Now a group can be a member of another group, e.g. Group A becomes a member of Group B. Our Active Directory solution offers multiple ways to build Verba group hierarchies based on organization units, member-of, or reports-to fields.
  • Maintenance Mode – Now, you can put Verba servers or selected services into maintenance mode. Servers in maintenance mode do not accept new recording sessions; those will be reassigned to other servers (depending on the recording technology and load balancing). This allows upgrades and reconfigurations without data loss.

Enhanced Archiving Capabilities

Verba 8.6 provides new storage integrations and introduces a new encryption framework.

  • Support for SFTP – With this addition, the Verba repository can send archived information into third party stores using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
  • Support for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager – The Verba repository can send archived information to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).
  • Windows Certificate Store Integrated Encryption and Digital Signatures – Our next-generation encryption and integrity protection solution is providing integration with Windows Certificate Store and introduces encrypt-only and sign-only modes, as well as encryption of all media types, not just voice and video as in previous Verba versions.

For an extensive list of improvements and fixes, please review the 8.6 release notes.