Announcing Verba 8.3

By April 28, 2015 August 3rd, 2017 No Comments

Verba 8 Gearing UpLast week we released Verba 8.3.

This release provides new functions for both our Compliance and Quality Management customers. Also, our Skype for Business / Lync users can take advantage of recording notifications and the new double proxy architecture in their multinational deployments.

Let’s take a look.

Key new features in 8.3

Quality Management for Instant Messages

Instant Message conversations are now presented in the same view as audio, video and screen captured calls. Not only has the user interface become simpler, but from now on, you can include IM conversations in your Quality Management projects.

Advanced conversation export

This is a big one for our compliance customers. We already had two different export capabilities, a simpler one on the search page and a more complex one for administrators. These two are now complemented with the new advanced conversation export system, that lowers the burden on IT administrators and gives more power to end users.

Advanced conversation export gives you better control of your export process:

  • empowered end users – now your compliance and quality team gets to use functionality formerly available only available for administrators
  • processing notifications – after long running exports you get an email notification
  • storage security – administrators can configure multiple export targets and assign to different groups and users in the company
  • unified export – voice, video and IM transcripts are now handled in a unified system
  • metadata options – metadata export supports both XML and customizable CSV
  • export manifest – a manifest file is created that clearly documents all the export parameters
  • scheduled exports – all export jobs can be scheduled and run regularly if needed

Custom User Fields

You can now sync additional employee/user information fields from Active Directory to Verba and use that information in your searches, storage management, export and quality management.

Skype for Business / Lync Recording Notifications and Double Proxy mode

These two Skype for Business / Lync specific features were highly requested by our users. Verba can now inject recording notifications into recorded calls. Notification can be enabled on a per user with configurable audio prompts. Recording notifications support conference and inbound PSTN calls.

Further Improvements and Fixes

This version also contains >40 other improvements and >50 minor fixes.

Improvements include Skype for Business / Lync, Cisco, Avaya, Oracle/AcmePacket related items, a multitude of UI usability changes, new security related report types and more.

For the long list of improvements and fixes look at the release notes for 8.3.