Announcing Verba 8.2

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Verba 8 Gearing UpToday we are launching Verba 8.2.

With this release we are further improving the solution with new search and monitoring capabilities.

Manageability and security are key themes in version 8.2. We have created an official Verba SCOM package, added universal support for SQL connection encryption.

A unique step in our industry, we have also added a CDR import facility and CDR reconciliation, that let’s our users compare actual communication data with recordings. A great boost to transparency and trust.

Accelerated Verba release cycle

When version 8 was originally introduced in November last year, we announced, an accelerated release cycle. New iterations (minor versions) of Verba 8 are released every 6-7 weeks. This seems to be good balance between the need to deliver improvements faster, but being able to maintain a high release quality.

Verba 8.1 was released mid-December, and included:

  • Contact Center Agent View – agent call status presented to supervisors on a single dashboard
  • Additional Compliance Store supportNetApp SnapLock and EMC Isilon SmartLock
  • Additional Contact Center integrationLuware LUCS Lync Contact Center
  • Background Task View – Shows storage/upload/labeling/speech analytics and other background activities of the Verba platform

Here are the release notes for 8.1.

New features in 8.2

Compliance and Quality Management Features

  • Per extension selection of IM, voice, video recording modes – you can decide which modalities of your UC environment should be recorded, now on a per phone number / SIP URI basis
  • Silent Monitoring for Desktop Screens – you can now start desktop screen silent monitoring sessions from the Agent View
  • Participant Sets – You can gather large, adhoc lists of Users and Extensions (numbers, SIP URIS) and use and reuse them in your searches; a great addition for compliance teams
  • Advanced IM search – Full-text searches now allow the ‘All of these’, ‘Any of these’, ‘None of these’ filters (same logic as already used in Speech Analytics)
  • CDR import and reconciliation – From Microsoft Lync, the Verba platform can import Call Detail Record to monitor non-recorded conversations and compare recording policy with actual recorded outcome (other platforms come later)


  • SCOM support – standard Verba package for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, and exposes all monitoring parameters to Windows Performance Counters and alerts in Event Log
  • Actiance Vantage policy synchronization – recording policies defined in Vantage are now synced to Verba

Security and Access Control

  • Active Directory Group Synchronization – AD groups are now automatically created in Verba, and all synchronized users are now assigned to those
  • Improved Provisioning Web Services API – now supports our new User Roles system
  • Encrypted SQL connections – now universally available for every Verba service

For the long list of improvements and fixes look at the release notes for 8.2.