Add recording features to your Cisco Jabber client

By October 31, 2014 February 4th, 2020 No Comments

The new small form factor variant (mobile optimized) of the web interface in Verba can be embedded into a custom tab in the Cisco Jabber desktop clients, where it provides additional Jabber specific recording functionality right where you work.

Custom Embedded Tab in the Cisco Jabber Client

Verba in Cisco Jabber client tabThe Verba compliance recording system directly supports Cisco Jabber Custom Embedded Tabs.

On the Verba tab, you can see information about your ongoing conversations (here you can decide to Record it, in case your account is not recorded constantly) and your last 10 conversations (all of your your voice, video and IM conversations are shown here for quick access). The tab can auto-refresh every time you open it to show the latest information in your last conversation list. It not only shows your Jabber desktop conversations, but also your desktop phone, mobile, etc. conversations you did using your Cisco UCM extension number or Jabber ID.

You can make simple searches by date period and number/address (you can type, phone numbers, names, email addresses). When you press Details, a summary page are presented with relevant details of your voice calls and IM conversations. The Playback function takes you directly to the Verba web interface, where you can take advantage of the rich feature set of the desktop version of the Verba web application.

Deploying the Cisco Jabber tab is solely a server-side configuration task. You can enable the Verba Cisco Jabber Tab for large amounts of users overnight. Using SSO support login can be automatic on Windows desktops, using Active Directory based single sign-on (no passwords required).

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